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It's a new month to put on my thinker's cap, and also we are in a month of love, I can see people already in the mood for Valentine's. Love is in the air and everyone in love is getting ready to make good use of the love month. In response to @kenechukwu97 February thinkers challenge, I will be highlighting how I make myself the best partner for my significant other.

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Before being the best partner to my significant other, I have to understand myself first, I have to know who I am, and what I want for myself. The relationship is far more than my partner being handsome or he or she is rich, what are the excesses that your partner possesses the big question is "Can you deal with it?". To be the best partner, you have to know and understand yourself, understand the reasons why you are going into the relationship, and know what you want from such a relationship.

I am someone who enjoys a romantic relationship, a relationship with good communication, a relationship with trust and understanding, a relationship with support, and a relationship full of love. For me, these are what I want in a relationship and this is what I offer also. One-sided love is always like a suicide mission because the loneliness and disappointment at times are enough to lead one into depression this is why I always want to get back the same energy I give in a relationship.


Nobody out there wants to go into a relationship with a liability, someone who doesn't have a source of income nor knows how to turn ideas into legal ways of earning a living. After knowing what I want in the relationship, the next thing I will do is to work on myself emotionally, and financially. In our world today, relationship is no longer a big deal, you will see small girls and boys in relationships and celebrating two, or three years of anniversaries. Sometimes I ask if the relationship was that easy.

To make myself a better partner, I have to be ready to contribute to my partner's life positively both emotionally and financially. I must be ready to support him in any way I can, stand by him when he needs me, and always give him a listening ear. These are the factors that make a relationship strong, I can't expect my partner to be only the contributing factor in the relationship if not he will get tired of it and the relationship will crash in no time.

Love is an unconditional affection that shouldn't be placed on conditions. When love is attached to conditions then it cannot be regarded as love that's more or less a business. To be a better partner to my significant other, I must be ready to love him wholeheartedly and accept him for who he is, this is when love can be a beautiful thing.

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While I get what you mean by love being unconditional still, there must be a reason you got attracted to the person and that is the condition on which love is built. To me the word unconditional love is more or less a fallacy but then love should not be anchored solely on money then it becomes a business like you rightly said. Thank you for sharing.

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We all need a healthy relationship and you have mentioned the attributes.
Nice write dear

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You are welcome dear

Our pastor shared with us that to find the right partner, one first has to become the right person for that partner. We need to do this to attract the right people to us. And I think understanding the kind of person that we are and knowing what we want out of life is very important to that cause. In this way, we can ensure a meeting of minds... and hearts! !LUV

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You are so right, thank you for reading.

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I like the idea you have about contributing to your partner's life positively. Some people go into a relationship with the mindset of "what can he/she do for me?".

That's not a bad question to ask. But, if that's the only question someone is asking, it makes it hard for them to become valuable to their partner.

Keep up the idea you are working with. That's an adorable idea.

Thanks for joining this edition of our challenge.

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You have said well. Being in a relationship isn't just an easy ride unless you guys just want to fling it out. If one truly wants something that will last, then you have to sacrifice a lot on your relationship.

Knowing that you are not dating yourself is one way to start, and with that, you can move on to other aspects of being a better partner for your significant other, just as you've stated.

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