Our handsome boy is back home safely!

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Our handsome boy is home!

Thankfully, all went well, we picked him up right after picking up our daughter from school and we had to wait a little bit before it was our turn but the vet came with good news. The surgery went well and he didn't test positive for any of the two viruses. This means we are now ready to foster kittens that need a place temporarily.

As you can see in the picture with Mochi in the carrier, he was quite super scared at first, all shaking probably wondering what the heck just happened to him. I was a bit afraid at that point that we returned home with an even more scared cat but a few hours passed and he was already checking the birds and people outside, being his normal self. A minute ago I noticed he was already sleeping in the bed on top of his scratching post. He seems more relaxed now so that's great. Heck, I could even pet him for a few minutes without him being spooked, I bet that's because he's too exhausted to feel scared, though. But fingers crossed he's just very happy to be home and thinks we're not that bad after all.

We're all glad he's home safely because it was weird not having him around yesterday.

Foster care green light

With Mochi being cleared of the two viruses and now castrated, we expect it will not be long until some kittens arrive for foster care and I can't wait! Today I cleaned the living room thoroughly and started in the bedroom to clear out the clothes we will definitely not wear anymore in the next 6 or more months at least.

I will continue with the rest of the house tomorrow so that the little furballs that need some TLC can arrive here at any time. I'm fully aware of how intense this could get sometimes but it will also be a very rewarding time when these little ones find new owners.

The organization is so overloaded with requests for help, the kind English lady that contacted me after signing up for foster care told me today that she takes care of 22 cats currently. Not all of them are easy cases, she doesn't sleep properly and feeds the kittens around the clock. Deeply respect her for being there for these kittens.

We won't be able to help that many at once, simply because we lack space in our apartment but the way we see it, every little one that we can help is one less lost soul.

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I'm so glad. I own three cats a boy and two girls and yes can be armfull. Beautiful work

Cats are amazing creatures and I would love to own one if I have my chance.. You boy looks good

I hope you will be able to have a cat buddy one day, there's nothing like their companionship. Even if you have a scared one as we do now, lol. We love him and really enjoy his playtime and when he's half sleeping and we can actually pet him. He starts swooshing his tale even in his sleep, enjoying it. Until he realizes it's a hand doing that, jumps up and it's over :) It's funny in a way but also sad that he needs his subconscious to let him know we're ok :)

Wao!!! Lol this sounds so funny. I have never been this close to cats but trust me, I do hear alot of things they do and they way they behave so wonderful.. well just as you said, I might consider getting one when I have the chance to.. Hope you are enjoying your day?

Yes all is good here, thank you! Yours too?

They are so funny, and I admit we have a bit of a special case here, fighting between his conscious vs subconscious lol

Well coping with the weather and power supply, it's kind of hectic over here.. well they can be acting like a real human sometimes and that's why I love them.. do t worry when I get one, I would surely give you heads-up on that.