Point Addis, Victoria Surf Coast

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Point Addis, Victoria Surf Coast

Today was a scoarching 38 Degrees Celcius and it was the perfect day to take some leave and head down to the Victorian surf coast to one of my favourite beaches Point Addis. Right next to Bells Beach which is well known to surfers around the world. Point Addis is also a clothing optional beach but not visited all that much. It's quite common to be completely isolated and not come across anyone as the local area doesn't really have that big of a population and located across prestine coastline there is plenty of great places to swim.

The thing I love about this beach is the rock and cliff formations developed over many years as the ocean reclaims the cliffs.

I've added two older images I took a while ago with my drone to show you the coast in it's entirety.

Definetly a great place to go exploring with many wonderful walking tracks.

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This place is very lovely
I can imagine myself and my partner being here
It will be very nice
Thanks for sharing beautiful pictures

Wow my friend! What great photos, I loved them. The place is gorgeous... capturing photos there I would love to, I imagine a sunset in that place and I imagine it super charming.

I hope you can visit it again soon, it must be very relaxing to go there.

Greetings my friend! 🙌🤗