High School Memories

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When I think about my days back at senior high school, I think of the first day I sat inside the classroom. We were all new to each other and I just placed my head on the table. Then a teacher came in, look around and said I would be the class prefect and that was it, I had to step up and lead my classmates without knowing exactly what I was doing. I maintained that position until 3rd year when I became the laboratory girls prefect. Being a class prefect required me engaging with a lot of people so it gave me a little fame. I believe I did good as a class prefect but I know I could have done so much more as a laboratory prefect. I started out good but I became relaxed. Even though I performed the duties as expected of me, doing something extra is what makes the difference. If I could go back to high school, I would work harder to improve the lives of the students.

I’ve always been a good student, though I got lazy, but I still always managed to be in the top 10. But this is something I knew I could work on. I knew exactly what I was doing wrong. I was sleeping at any least chance I got. I would sleep throughout prep or talk and get punished for that. It got worse when I became a prefect because it allowed me some more privileges but I still used it to sleep. I was selected among the science and maths team for the school. We were specially trained and allowed extra study hours at night to prepare well and compete in the National science and maths quiz but guess I did, I just went to the dorm and slept. My teachers got worried, they spoke to me severally and offered to teach me privately but I still wasted away all those opportunities. And since I was the laboratory prefect, I had the chance to do all practicals with the teacher and then assist my classmates when it’s time for practicals. I could have done so much better.

All my siblings went to their first choice schools but when it was my turn, my dad said his friend’s daughter was doing so well in a school that was within the region and so it’s a good school for me. So he came to school and chose that particular school for me, the second, third and fourth choices were all still based on his friend’s advice. I remember how much I cried with that decision but my mom just encouraged me to let it be.
When I got to the school, the only consolation was that my cousin was there and I’ve lived my whole life with her so it was good to have her just a room away. Most of the students there were also from my junior high school. I had more that 20 of my classmates there and so many familiar faces. So it felt like home. We started looking up to our seniors and misbehaving. My cousin was always under some sort of punishment and I soon followed suit.
My friends and I were mostly punished for going for gatherings late, speaking our local languages, short skirts😂(I wasn’t part of this one😂), even sleeping during mass service. It wasn’t our fault if we dozed off listening to the same old sermons, but I liked the songs though.
Whenever I got punished, especially by one of my teachers, you can easily see the disappointment on their faces but I just didn’t mind.
If I went back to high school, I would do better to always be on point and avoid all forms of trouble.

Aside these, I did have a lot of fun with my troublesome friends. Now when we meet, we reminisce those times and have a good laugh.
I was still a bit reserved but I know I had a good time.


Prefect? Does it mean officer? Our country also has officers like the president, vice president, treasurer, and such. But you know, the only functional officers are the president, vice president, and secretary. The rest is just props😂😂😂. Good to hear that you had an excellent senior high school journey

Yeah. At the senior high school level, we have prefects to take charge of the students. At the university level, we have the president’s and secretary’s

You had a fun time in high school.

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