Enjoying The Beautiful Structure In Iligan City

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I have stayed in Iligan for years, but I never had the chance to visit this place until I came back to the city once more after thirteen years. Perhaps I was amazed by the tremendous changes and development that have taken place compared to the last time I stepped in 2010.

The reason for being in Iligan was to study at a prestigious university in Mindanao, where I owe a lot to the generous taxpayers of my country. I must say that just like other places, it is also a hidden gem in the heart of Lanao Del Norte, Philippines. It is full of majestic waterfalls and a place where the calm sea meets the vibrant sky. And it is also surrounded by the beauty of the wild heart of nature.

And one of my memorable experiences was visiting a beachside on one fine weekend. Meanwhile, I saw a beautiful structure with the words ILIGAN CITY spelled out with a combination of red, white, and colorful heart prints. It is made of cement and is located beside the sea, wherein residential houses can be seen directly along with the happy faces of the children playing and swimming in the ocean.

The sea was calm, and the sunset was approaching. The place had a picturesque scene that I will never forget. Suddenly, I took many photos of the structure and posed in the middle.

And then I posed on the letter C of the word Iligan City. I chose C because my real name starts with the letter C, which stands for Crystal Jade. It was a great day, and I enjoyed the place.

I never left without leaving my bright smiles there, and as I looked around the seaside, I felt delighted with the great feeling of finding my home way back then. It made me remember my College days, and I thought I was a resident of the city once more.

Consequently, I genuinely missed this place that I had never explored before. During my stay in Iligan, this structure was not yet around, and it was only in 2012, two years after I left Iligan, that somebody designed this beautiful structure.

I may not have explored this side of Iligan City before, but it is a breath of fresh air at present to experience the beachside with its peaceful and relaxing view. Besides, it has been a while since I have not seen the waves crashing against the shore, for what I always sew in my hometown is an idyllic scenery full of mountains and ridges.

Indeed, I was amazed not only by the beauty of the atmosphere but as well as the tranquility that I do not usually experience in the city for usually it is bustling. I so love the fresh wind from the sea while seeing the big waves.

These simple things reminded me how wondrous the wild heart of nature is. And as I walked near the shore, I witnessed the smiles on the faces of the innocent kids as they have enjoyed playing and swimming in the water. An then I realized that it was fun to live near an ocean that I had never experienced when I was younger.

And that, I had a memorable experience while taking a lot of selfies on the beautiful structure of Iligan City. It was like rediscovering the beauty of the city and exploring a beautiful view through the simple things in life with the fantastic beauty of the surroundings.

Disclaimer: All texts and pictures are my own unless otherwise stated.

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Hello Crystal Jade! 😉
So dun ka pala nag aaral sa school na yun.. ang talino talaga nito.. 😏 13 yrs.. ahh, alams na 😏

Hi, there wittyzell! Luh, kakahiya naman witz. This is just me, hehe. Been a while, a lot of changes happened after more than a decade. Best regards and thanks for stopping by !LADY

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Absolutely yes dear, the season here was very calm, I never expected that atmosphere from the beach vocation, but it was cool at the same time since we can enjoy ourselves much better, love this decoration as well.

How I wish to stay here sis but I need to go back in my hometown after College. Grateful of your most precious time and attention. And thanks as well for your wonderful remarks. Indeed, the printed hearts and the breathtaking view of the sea made this structure even more beautiful. Have a nice day and take care. !PIZZA


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Excellent photographs. I like the contrast that the color of your clothes makes with the letters. Regards

I so appreciate your wonderful remarks my friend and thanks for stopping by. This place has been my home for four years during my collegw days and it always feel so good to come home once more with the new devwlopments in the place for more than a decade. Have a nice time and keep safe. !LUV

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