👨‍💻 The Weekly ASEAN Hive "Hot Goss" 🤫 #61 🧠 Fashion Tips, Handheld IQ Testers & Insect Fart Wars 🪳

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Greetings Hivers, welcome to the Weekly ASEAN Hive "Hot Goss", where I @justinparke dig up false ASEAN Hive rumors and spread even more, but all in satirical fun and support of Southeast Asian content on Hive.


🧠 Fashion Tips, Handheld IQ Testers & Insect Fart Wars 🪳

March 28th, 2023
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image.pngby: @yoieuqudniram (click pic to go to post)

     Do you know that a SINGLE FASHION ACCESSORY CAN MAKE YOU APPEAR 10 YEARS YOUNGER? Hip sunglasses are the answer, and I even have a pair of trendy but cheap sunglasses when I need to blend in with a crowd of youngsters.
     Don't believe what you hear on social media and the television, you don't need to buy expensive brand name clothing or adorn yourself with jewels and precious metals, the easiest and fastest way is a pair of roadside sunglasses.
     A side benefit of trendy sunglasses is that can help some people alleviate migraine pains, and actually that might the real reason this ASEAN Hiver is wearing such a cool pair.

image.pngby: @coloringiship (click pic to go to post)

     A new HANDHELD IQ TESTER was recently unveiled in Borneo, and this state-of-the-art little piece of tech is able to determine the user's IQ without any testing whatsoever.
     This handheld tester actually determines your IQ by making a direct connection to your brain through the nerve endings in your hands. Some say the technology was stolen from Scientology, perhaps Tom Cruise's house, but nobody really knows for sure. Our ASEAN Hiver scored a 140, above average intelligence, so she was quite relieved.

image.pngby: @alvonsohiver (click pic to go to post)

     A new sport is taking over Indonesia, and it's actually slowly replacing cockfighting. It is the very original sport of INSECT FART WARS, and it's massively entertaining. Each insect owner trains their bug for several months before the first bout, which consists placing insects butt-to-butt, and when the bell dings each insect tries to fart the other into submission.
     On this day two dragonflies of the same species were fighting for the Macroweight International Belt, so this was a title fight with a lot of money riding on both sides of the ring. Luckily in the end this ASEAN Hiver's dragonfly won and he was awarded 100 kilograms of tempeh and 50 bottles of kecap manis.

Until Next Time ASEAN Hivers....

     Don't forget that this curation is merely fictional satire, so don't take anything I write too seriously.

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what a cute insect. I like this photography. congratulations that have been shown here.

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haha.. it's very exciting to listen to what you tell me under my chosen picture ...actually the two insects are mating, but with your rumor story, so that adds to the sensation again when i read it...you really have a great sense of humor...I salute what you have told ... Oh yes, for the friends who were selected, congratulations to you too .....

Haha, yes, the image was so good it made my imagination wander a bit 😉. Lovely post, it takes patience to catch those moments, and dragonflies never like to stay still long.