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Hello everyone, Welcome to VIBES WEB 3 music competition week 13. It's an honor to be here again with my presentation for this week.


Today, I'll be doing a cover of the song DAYDREAM by Lily Meola. I saw her audition on Americans got talent and it was mind-blowing and it even got her a golden buzzer which was well deserved. She has such a unique and amazing voice. Aside her beautiful voice, I was attracted to the lyrics of the song.

It talks about how we have high hopes for ourselves as kids but we end up abandoning them along the line as we grow up. It really suck because that's the reality of most of us. I remember the things I dream of having as a kid but unfortunately most of them hasn't come to a reality.

The song is a form of encouragement telling us not to give up on those dreams. No matter how old we are now or how difficult things might be. As long as there is life, there is hope.

The song was recorded and edited on capcut by myself. The poster was edited on Canva while the instrumental used in this video was generated on the Moises app.

I do hope you guys love and enjoy this cover of mine.


[Verse 1]
When we were kids in the backyard
Playing astronauts and rockstars
No one told us to stop it
Called us unrealistic
Then suddenly, you're eighteen
Go to college for your plan "B"
What you want is too risky
Live for weekends and whiskey

We all got these big ideas
One day, they're replaced with fears
How did we get here?

Darling, don't quit your daydream
It's your life that you're making
It ain't big enough if it doesn't scare the hell out of you
If it makes you nervous
It's probably worth it
Why save it for sleep when you could be living your daydream?

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Thank you for this informative article
I would like to ask you,
Are you residing in Republic of Benin
I am trying to link up with fellow Hivian in the city of Cotonou
Thank you

Nice entry ma'am.

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