Treated The Ladies To Their Own Water Fountain

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Excuse me?

A couple of months ago, I found a very suiting metal plate for wall decoration which says:
"Excuse me, were you attempting to use the bathroom alone?" with two cat heads staring at you. The moment I saw it, I had to buy it because well, it's simply impossible to go to the bathroom alone with these two cats. I tried to find the picture I took another time but I couldn't find it fast enough, you will just have to believe my word on it, lol.

The old bathroom

In the other home, we had big bathroom with plenty of useless empty space. But every time someone went to the bathroom, the cats would join us there. They'd either lay on the bathmat or sometimes they'd lay in the sink. Either way, they needed to be there. On the bottom of these wooden doors, there were these openings which you could remove for more airflow or put back with just a bit of airflow going through the door. The one in the bathroom fell out every time the door would be closed a bit too loud.

At some point the cats realized that they could push out that part and enter the bathroom anytime they pleased. They'd use it as a play area to race through the door lol, it was quite funny. But they never bothered me for water from the tap!

The new bathrooms

We have two bathrooms and both have an actual bath. One of them is so freaking crowded that I never understood the point of them adding a bath, you can barely enter it, it's like a puzzle to get in with the doors opening the same ways, lol. Anyway, we also have a sink there next to the toilet.

As soon as you go there, and leave the door slightly open, at least one cat will join and jump on the sink looking at you to open the tap. I thought it was funny, until they often sat there together, it feels a bit crowded.

The other bathroom (the one that's considered the ladies bathroom, lol) has some more space and even a bidet. The sink is huge compared to the other one and the two ladies love to run behind us and jump on the sink together to start making cute sounds and tap on my shoulder! It's as if she's saying listen, you better open the tap woman!

Closing the door

I decided I had enough of it because sometimes when I open it, they sit there to stare at the water running for 5 or 10 minutes and come one, that's a waste of water! I don't like that, especially not after we had no water for close to a month and know how much water is usually being wasted. I like to take that into account a bit and at least pay attention to it when I can.

So I closed the door. Not a great idea as the hysterical meows from Maesi as if there's something extremely wrong can be a pain as well as hilarious at the same time.



We need a water fountain for them, and we need it quick! My boyfriend argued they make too much noise and you hear the water running all day, that's annoying as you need to run to the toilet constantly. Then we saw one at our friends house and it wasn't noisy at all so he agreed I could find one.

I ended up gong for the stainless steel version of this model as I read good things about it. The newer model had a plastic window and I read bad things about these turning green (in general not from this one particular). I figured the oval size gives them enough space to get water together because they often try to do so.


Today it arrived

They were instantly curious to check what this was about. As soon as the water came out they were there, lol. Luna took the time to wash her paws and drink from it, while Maesi spent most of the day trying to figure out how to open the lid and pull it off. She succeeded several times, ugh.

It's amazing how silent it is, I'm really happily surprised. Just hope the curiosity will be over soon so I can move it to the bedroom and maybe order a second one to not have to carry it around every time. Until then, they can just drink from a normal bowl at night, lol. I'm also wondering how to cover the cable somehow and find something else than the plastic lid I used for now to protect the wall from the water they're throwing around, these little rebels have been making a mess today!

Anyway, we'll see how it goes. I bet they will appreciate it soon enough as drinking from the normal tap is over! Do your cats prefer drinking from a fountain as well?

I'm calling it a day so good night!

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