Silver Millennium Isis Token from Luxor Las Vegas, Re-blog lottery!

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Since New Years Eve is coming up on us rather quickly I thought it might be fun to share a silver token from the millennium. This year has just flown by, it seems like it was just St. Patrick's Day a few weeks ago... I've noticed the older I get the faster the time seems to fly right on by. I'm hoping this next year won't go quite as quickly!

Las Vegas is a great place to spend New Year's Eve, I've done it several times. So if you don't have any plans and you can afford it I would highly recommend it. The real problem is that rooms are all really expensive over New Years.

I didn't spend the millennium new year in Las Vegas, I was still somewhere in the Caribbean at that point. But I picked up this nice silver commemorative gaming token from the Luxor Casino, Las Vegas several years ago. For those unfamiliar with the Luxor it's built in the shape of a pyramid and is Egyptian themed. Thus the Egyptian motif on the token. This one in particular caught my eye because of the Isis figure and the Egyptian cartouche figures above her.

About the token
Casino: Luxor, Las Vegas, Nevada, US
Mint: Global Minting
Composition: 99.9% silver surrounded by a brass ring
Silver Weight: About 0.6 ounces
Edge: Smooth
Denomination: $10 US Gaming Token Value
Design side: Isis, Goddess of Magic
Logo side: Luxor Millennium Edition Year 2000

This is a great token, produced in the year 2000 and could be obtained in the Silver Striker slot machines. What's nice about these is they are 99.9% silver which is always a good thing. Although I have won several tokens from the slots in the past I've always found it less expensive to pick them up in Vegas pawn shops or on eBay. I guess I'm just all that lucky when it comes to playing slot machines (damn one armed bandits!)

Since Isis is the feature on the token I thought it might be nice to share some information about the ancient goddess. I'm not an Egyptologist so it will be brief and based on Wikipedia. I don't think the Mummy movies or Gods of Egypt are probably all that accurate and that is pretty much most of my knowledge of ancient Egypt.
From Wikipedia
Isis depicted on the wall of the tomb of Seti

Isis and her husband Osiris first appear during the Fifth Dynasty around 2400 BCE, some 4,500 years ago. Isis, Osiris, Set, and Anubis and five other siblings are children of Ra the sun god. Osiris marries his sister Isis and is king of Egypt. Set then kills Osiris and cuts up his body and hides all the parts. Osiris and Anubis track down all the parts and Isis brings Osiris back to life. She is also the mother of Horus who is another important god. She was considered the protector of the kingdom.

Her roles change as time marches on, becoming the goddess of magic. She apparently transforms to destroy Set and his followers thus protecting the kingdom. Also she summons a snake to bite and poison Ra to blackmail him for his power in return for the antidote (being a kind daughter.) In later kingdoms she also becomes the sky goddess and then the universal goddess with control over the entire cosmos. So needless to say she is an extremely important figure in the ancient Egyptian religion.

You can read more on Wikipedia about Isis by clicking on the link under references. It's long but rather interesting!

That's it for my post today, thanks for stopping time to read it over. If you have any suggestions, questions, or comments please feel free to leave them below. Have a great Friday!


And my disclaimer:
Gold and silver collecting and stacking can be a fun hobby but isn't for everyone. You can lose money. I'm not a financial advisor and this isn't financial advice, please always do your own research before spending your hard earned money.

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That's a nice one, @thebigbigg !

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That's a great looking casino token! 😁

Thanks! Luxor does make some cool ones.

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Oh damn this one looks really cool !BBH

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Thanks! Luxor has some nice ones, I usually prefer defunct casino's to collect but Luxor is one the exceptions.

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Didn't even consider that some of them are going to be out of business 🤣 !BBH

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My wife and I spent a New Year's Eve in Vegas once. It was crowded and exciting, the way I imagine Times Square would be.

I collected gaming tokens for years, but sold most of them to an antique dealer a while back. Now I see them for sale whenever I venture in to an antique mall near here. I don't believe I ever owned a silver one. All the ones I have left are $1 denomination. One is a limited edition $10 from 4 Queens. It looks like silver but has no .999 pure marking.

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Usually the ten dollar variety are silver, but you can look them up on the Silver Striker website. They have a list of all the tokens produced and what they're made from. Most of the one dollar ones are bronze, so I stick to the silver mainly because silver will always have some value!

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Thanks for the info. According to the website, the token I have is .999 silver from the Sunshine Mint.

That's awesome! You had some real silver all along! You should do a post and share it.

That’s a great idea!

Yay! 🤗
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Oh that's a really pretty one. I love it! I have never been near Vegas, most likely never will either, but time will tell. Good approach to leave it up to the sloth luck or not to find a silver piece, lol.

Let's do the reblog again and fingers crossed that I win something today lol.

Now I'm closing down finally.

Have a good one :)

That is a beautiful token man love egypt design

Thanks! I love the Egyptian motif too!

Hey @gwajnberg, here is a little bit of BEER from @thebighigg for you. Enjoy it!

Did you know that <a href=' can use BEER at dCity game to buy cards to rule the world.

I'm starting to wish I got started collecting all the Ten Dollar Gaming Tokens in Las Vegas... I do have a few that I may or may not be posting, but seeing this one makes me wish I got more involved...

I love them, they're a lot of fun and usually not too expensive, except for some of the older and rarer ones.

Nice, I have been to the Luxor in Vegas!
Ah yes tomorrow is Hogmanay!

I didn't know about Hogmanay! I learned something today! In Puerto Rico we used to eat 12 grapes just before midnight, haven't done it years since I haven't been there for New Years in ages!

Luxor is nice isn't it?

I think I have seen photo's of the Luxor, interesting design, and awesome token, that's a keeper!!😀
Time does seem to fly by too fast my friend.....
What year is this Lol!!😇😂


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