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To say 2023 has been a very busy year for me would be an understatement. Work and kids kept things busy. This year has had its ups and downs.

I was introduced to Hive and the #silvergoldstackers community by @bitcoinman in October. They're an amazing community of people who are so friendly, encouraging, and generous!

Sadly, we lost my wife's cat in October. The kids took the loss better than we did. We had talked about getting a dog eventually, but that moment came much sooner than anticipated.

In December, we adopted a 4-year-old Australian Shepherd/Blue Heeler mix named Sage. It didn't take long for her to become part of the family.

The kids were finally old enough to appreciate Christmas lights, so it made going to see them extra special.

I picked up some cool silver pieces this year. My favorites are a poured silver PIMP hexagon and a 1oz Scottsdale Vortex bar. For 2024, I plan to focus heavily on gold.

In December, I became an official member of #silvergoldstackers. It felt like more of a formality, however, because they had welcomed me from the start and didn't hesitate to engage.

Since bitcoinman had first introduced me to Hive, we had talked about working together to onboard new Hive users from Reddit and X and support new Hive users as they got started. I was fortunate that I had a lot of support and encouragement. Many don't, and without that many, give up on Hive.

We started brainstorming about where to start. I had offhandedly mentioned it to @raymondspeaks in the Mancave Discord, and he and @dbooster expressed interest. Before we knew it, we came up with a name and set up a Discord server.

And so, from some basic back and forth brainstorming to an offhanded comment in the Mancave Discord, the Hive Onboarding Committee was born!

I'm excited to see where 2024 takes me, both personally and for HOC. There's no money involved in HOC. It's a group of people volunteering their time, advice, and resources to help Hive grow because we all benefit from the enrichment of welcoming more people to Hive. If you're interested in helping out, please reach out to us:

Hive Onboarding Committee on Hive

Hive Onboarding Committee Discord

Happy New Year, everyone! 🥳

Here's your last chance to get your entries in before I do the drawing tomorrow!

Each month, I give away a $1 Goldback or 4 HBD. The winner gets to choose.
Note: Some countries may have prohibitively expensive shipping or delivery, which may not be feasible. I reserve the right to award the winner 4 HBD instead of a Goldback at my discretion.

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Happy New Year

Sorry about the loss of your cat, that must have been hard indeed. I'm glad that your kids took it better than expected, that's great. I remember my little one totally hysterical when a neighbour came to tell us he found our cat dead next to the road.

The dog will surely bring a bit of new love in the home, that's great!

And keep it up with the HOC, it's a good initiative and I'm sure you will make it a huge success!

Make this year a good one!

Reblogged as I wanted another chance to win, lol



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