SSG Stackers Engagement Initiative - 5 HSBI For Grabs - Winners Announcement

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I'm writing this week's edition with a different feeling as I'm so excited that I'm accepted into the @ssg-community, as you can read here in the official announcement post. This will be my very first post in the community as a member, woohoo!

The response was overwhelming!

I really appreciate the fact that the post was re-blogged several times and therefore I saw some new (to me) eyes on the post, and even some people writing their own post to answer my question. I don't expect anyone to do this, a comment is perfectly fine, but seeing the time and effort some people put into it was great!

Sadly the timing of the response was a bit bad for me in terms of my health and therefore I'm still catching up on the comments today so a few of you won't see a vote or tip on the comment, I'm sorry about that. BUT I will make up for that!

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

To celebrate being accepted into the community & to make up for some of the missed tips and votes, I'm not going to give away just 5 HSBI this week, nope, instead I will send everyone who commented OR wrote a post to answer (!) one HSBI share! I will send out the shares right after I published this post..

@ironshield @beststart @evih @stekene @silverd510 @saffisara @silversaver888 @thebighigg @kunschj @trumpman @bitcoinman @ganjafarmer @kerrislravenhill, you all get a share.

And here are the links to the posts that people wrote in response to the question, I would definitely advice you to read them if you haven't done so yet. I loved reading about your personal journeys!

How I became a silver Stacker! by @saffisara
How I got into Stacking Gold and Silver by @silversaver888
How I Got Into Silver/Gold Stacking by @kunschj
💰 How Did You Get Into Gold/Silver Stacking ? 💰 | by @trumpman

Again, thank you all!

Now for this week's question

I would like to collect resources of other silver gold stacker content creators. I know it's tempting to share your favourite Hive creator but I would like to assume that I could find all of you organically the sooner the later, lol.

I'm mostly curious about the other social media channels on web2 where you learned a lot, made connections with trustworthy sellers or just go for your daily dose of Silver/Gold P*rn.. :)

Silver gold stackers engagement initiative.png

Of course you can share more than one (the more resources the better after all) and you're free to leave a comment only or write a post if you prefer.. Please don't forget to leave a comment below so I'll not forget to include your engagement for a chance to win HSBI shares.

That's all folks!

Now that's it for this week, I will send out your shares right after I publish this post and leave a comment below with the screenshot. Hopefully I will see some cool comments and/or posts again next week that will broaden my horizon a bit while learning more about silver stacking..

Wishing you a lovely weekend!

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OMG I was just reading this and immediately bookmarked it in a special folder called "resources by @kerrislravenhill" because you've shared other things before that I didn't want to lose for future references.

Will comment on your post later, thank you SOOOO much for putting this together!

Much !LUV to you !LADY

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Thank you! That's awesome!

I find out a lot on big sellers like APMEX when I'm looking for new stuff, but for research on a specific coin numista is great!


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Yeah I signed up for Numista recently, that was nice to see all the stuff you can add in your account etc. I didn't know this..

Any YT channels or anything you follow?

As I see I had a !PIMP left, this is really my final slap, hate wasting these.. My eyes are about to close though.. wishing you a good day!

You must be killin' it out here!
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Thank you for the HSBI share, @thisismylife ! And congratulations on the success of your initiative! This is awesome!

You're very welcome, it's been a pleasure reading your stories <3

And it wouldn't be a success without the community members willing to join..

I'm heading to bed now.. let's see if I have a tip left :)


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You must be killin' it out here!
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To be honest, I don't check out any content creators about silver / gold outside of Hive. I try to check out local events though and look around on local marketplaces to find some great coins. But these are ofcourse not really content creators.

On hive, my go-to stacker definitely is @bitcoinman. Love the different topics about silver / gold stacking he's tackling. Definitely helps a noob like me!

Sorry for 'not really answering your question', thank you very much for the generousity of the hsbi and congratulations on becoming a member of the ssg! They are definitely a great bunch of people!

That's great if you have local marketplaces with coins, I recently found a few nice sellers on a marketplace here too and the shipping is low, so for now I try to stick with that I guess.

It's nice to have people in the community so helpful to guide the newbies, I also appreciate every one of them!

Don't apologize please, not every question is a hit for everyone, there will be more missers in the future which is ok. I just try to mix up the questions I have and hope for nice engagement. I appreciate this comment just as much!


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Oh damn that's gonna be a good one ! I'll have to think about that one !BBH

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Thank you soo much for your generousity 🙏 and for the questions, it was really fun to do a post and think back on how it all started.

This week However...
I learned about stacking from people from hive and all I learned are from them 🤪 LOL
So I honestly haven't followed anyone outside of Hive.
Only one I do know is "my" silver guy that I buy most silver from and I I found him on a swedish site similar to ebay, only better.
But ya... My stacking been all on hive... Lol

Have a wonderful weekend and hope you are feeling better 🤗💕💋🤗
Much love


Cool initiative. I am more of a collector than a stacker, so most of my info outside of Hive comes from Numismatic News and COinage Magazines. Yes, I still get hard copy mags :-)

As far as stacking, it is all from Hive and the occasional YT video or link that has been shared by someone here.

Thanks, @thisismylife

I appreciate the HSBI


You're welcome and have a good weekend!

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I am not on any other social media platform. I know people that buy on Instagram but personally I don’t trust it. I’ve had a couple friends get zonked. Your best bet is to find an on line dealer in your country that you can make a relationship with. Local coin shops are great as well, but I no longer have one near me. I don’t know exactly where you live so I can’t exactly steer you in a direction. But I’m sure there are on line dealers that are trustworthy near you.

While digging a bit more, I found a few sellers that have quite a lot to sell and for good prices with low shipping (as it goes through the marketplace with protection and they offer good shipping rates due to high volume) very easy to handle and I marked them as favourite because this is much easier to deal with than overseas, custom shit etc.

I'm definitely not at a point where I'd buy from Instagram myself, but I can see how people that have already built a relationship would. It's a bit similar to us here buying from other Hive members..

Thanks for your answer :) I live in Spain btw...

I got connected into r/silverbugs on Reddit, but they're a bunch of fudds. They banned me because they didn't like that I was suggesting Bullion Brother as a place to buy silver.

I found out about Bullion Brother through r/wallstreetsilver on Reddit. That subreddit is OK, but they are extremely anti-crypto, and the mods are immature.

I may have to cut down my list to a few 🤔 so many.

Lol, thanks for taking the time to do so, I appreciate it!

Thank you for the HSBI, appreciate it!

Thanks so much for promoting my post, but even more for providing the prompt. And thanks, of course, for the HSBI share. Now to start thinking about today's prompt...

The only non-Hive sources that I check with any regularity is wallstreetsilver on Reddit. I also subscribe to Gregory Mannarino's YouTube channel. He mostly discusses stocks and options, but does frequently recommend using crypto and precious metals to become your own bank.


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