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πŸš™ MY ROAD πŸš™

It wasn't one of my best seasons, I got a bit discouraged and ended up playing less, I even moved away from HIVE a bit during that time, but not everything in this season was lost, because with this new update where they took the bots out of the modern format even playing few matches is still very profitable.

As I said, I played few matches, but it was enough to maintain the average rewards of previous seasons, I even improved my win rate a little, I think it will improve even more when they ban the battle helper from modern ranked, brawl and tournaments, this last one I couldn't participate in any.

My earnings and investments will remain the same, I haven't created or changed anything different between posts, but I made a mistake in checking my bids and only now I realized that I had already surpassed them for a long time, I ended up buying more cards directly from the market to complete some cards on my list πŸ˜….

Nothing very special in the rewards and brawl packs, which is a good thing considering how few matches I've had this season, I want to know when a legendary gold foil is coming πŸ˜…, but I'm happy with what I've achieved here.




Even with just a few matches I managed to get a good amount of SPS, almost the same as when I played every day, the difference in rewards from modern to wild is really quite big.
I made a total of 244,682SPS in ranked matches and brawls, I also bought the 200 SPS that I always buy in each post, so I made a total of 444,682SPS, not bad for a season that was hardly played.


My investments yielded 44,375SPS between posts, again I put that exact amount into the SWAP.HIVE:SPS pool, I now have 37.77 Shares, with a value of $5.95.

Season 116


A season saved by the last update that removed the bots from the modern format, increasing the SPS pool, otherwise it would have been horrible, I didn't manage to surpass the other seasons at all, everything was average, but the biggest surprise was the win rate, I thought it would be great but when I saw the result I was disappointed πŸ˜….

Zallin League SummarySeason 116
Longest Streak4
Win Rate48.48%
Gold Chest53
Silver Chest-

Zallin League SummaryScoreBest Season
LeagueGold IAll Seasons
Rank82Season 106
Rating3200Season 106
Longest Streak21Season 113
Battles368Season 110
Wins203Season 107
Win Rate62,4%Season 103
Silver Chest55Season 113
Gold Chest198Season 107
Diamond Chest33Season 106
SPS281.503Season 115
Profit22.960$Season 109



Rewards_ img src= data image_png;base64,iVBORw0KGgoAAAANSUhEUgAAAAEAAAABCAQAAAC1HAwCAAAAC0lEQVR42mNkYAAAAAYAAjCB0C8AAAAASUVORK5CYII= class= daily_img_dec d_chest style= width 0px;height 36px Zallin _2023-07-31 i class= fas -1.png

There were 53 chests in all, containing 1x pack, 2x epic, 2x summoners and 1x Gold Foil Common, I can't complain here, because I hardly played, and to be honest I think it was better than some seasons in which I played a lot πŸ˜….

Chaos Legions Packs


These packs are a mix of joy and sadness, so many epic cards to come, and I'm unlucky enough to get the worst of them 😭, at least it's on my buy list, and it'll be one less to buy 🀣.

Gladius Packs






My guild is getting back to doing good brawls, so I'm farming between 5 and 6 packs per season, I think that's a good number, these cards are very strong, and I love it when I play with them in modern, I highlight the Edith Emberstar and Alva The Crusher Gold Foil 😍.



In the meantime, I managed to buy the missing cards for River Nympph for 0.082$ and Gargoya for $1.871. I ended up buying Gargoya directly through the market, as I hadn't updated its price, so I've taken a big step towards finalizing the rare cards, with only Venari Spellsmith left, and I should start buying it in the next few days.








I'm finally on the way to completing the rare cards on my list and I can already start thinking about which of the epics will be the first to be bought, their value is much higher, but I'll try to leave at least one at lvl 4 per post, I'm also thinking of buying more SPS again, as their price has dropped a lot, reaching 10k SPS in stake will be a beautiful milestone to record 😁.


"It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop."


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