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Back on track with my posts, for today we have the Keep Your Distance rule for the Battle Mage Secrets event, I've fallen well behind again with this series, but one day I'll get to the actual events 🙏, this rule is quite common, and I had no trouble winning a match to post here.




KEEP YOUR DISTANCEMonster with meele attack may not be used in battles.

Keep Your Distance is another rule that reduces your card options, like Broken Arrows and Lost Magic, but this time it takes melee units out of the game. The biggest problem with this rule will be the choice of tank, since by default we use units of this type, as they are generally more robust, for substitutes we have units with magic damage or units with the Close Combat skill, some good options are Djinn Oshanuss, Wave Brood, Molten Ash Golem and Djinn Muirat, there is also a place for units without attack like the powerful Baakjira, it is worth remembering that several skills become useless, I mention them below.

As this rule only limits my choices, I always start where it has the most impact, which is the front line, I look for the most robust unit, usually using the units I mentioned above, then I go with units with magical damage for off-tank, and lastly the units with ranged attack, I prefer to leave the ones with the most damage in the last positions, as they will hardly be bothered since melee units are not present to attack them with sneak.

My favorite and least used skills for this rule.

Best Skills

image.pngHeadwindsThere is a high chance of ranged units appearing to complete the opposing team, so this skill can be very useful.
image.pngBlastMy favorite ability, it removes divine shield, small armor and can even kill fragile units next to the target.
image.pngMagic ReflectA magic unit is almost certain to appear in the first positions to take the place of a standard tank, meaning extra damage is almost guaranteed.
image.pngSilenceHigh chance of a unit with this type of damage appearing in the match, so at least 1 target for this ability is almost guaranteed.
image.pngTank HealEven though some tanks like the Djinn Oshanuss are extremely resistant, it's always good to have some support for them, this healing helps a lot in combat and can define the match.

Worst Skills

image.pngDemoralizeUseless skill, as there will be no target for it since all units with melee attacks cannot participate in the match.
image.pngInspireUseless, there will be no ally to be buffed by this skill.
image.pngRetaliateI hate the random activation of this skill, but here it gets even worse since there won't even be a target for it.
image.pngThornsAnother useless skill, since you won't have any melee units to deal damage and thus return some of it.
image.pngTrampleThis one I'm in doubt, but I'm pretty sure it only activates in melee attacks, so it's practically useless here.
image.pngReachI've only seen this ability on melee units, it probably shouldn't even show up when you build your line-up.


⚔️ My Team ⚔️


A match with 33 mana and the rules Are You Not Entertained/Heavy Hitters/Keep Your Distance, this last rule limited my tank choices a lot, I chose Baakjira as a tank, as it has a good cost benefit for defense, then I placed two units with the stun ability to take advantage of the Heavy Hitters rule, Are You Not Entertained enabled the gladiators in the match, so I chose the strongest one I had, then I filled the line-up with the best damage I could get.
image.pngSummoner : I chose this summoner because it's cheaper and more useful here, as Possibilus the Wise's trample and reach abilities would be almost useless.
image.pngTank : I thought about the Djinn Oshunuss for this position, but this one is more resistant and cheaper, and the difference in mana between the two was enough to put Igor in the line-up.
image.pngOff-Tank: An interesting and rarely used unit, its stun ability is great in the Heavy Hitters rule.
image.pngDPS: It'll be a good meat shield if it gets to the front line, until then can make some interesting moves.
image.pngSuport/DPS : Its speed bonus will help to attack before the opponent, and can be very useful in matches with stun units.
image.pngDPS/Suport: One of the best epics in the Chaos Legions collection, only 2 mana and deals 2 damage, still has a chance to stun the target.
image.pngSuport:A unit with absurd damage that can be made even stronger by being a gladiator, it is in the last position to attack as much as possible before reaching the front line.


🤜The Battle 🤛


Analyzing the match: My opponent came with a summoner that wasn't very effective for this rule set, but he has a very tough team, and it's unlikely that my gladiator will be able to take down one of his units, but my damage on the table is much higher and if my Baakjira holds out for the initial rounds I can sweep the opposing team as soon as I get past the Djinn, my opponent didn't put units with stun to take advantage of the Heavy Hitters rule.

Round 1 - Not a single unit was shot down at the start, the tanks are very resistant even though they are not melee combatants.


Round 2 - Taking advantage of superior speed, my team attacked fast and took out the opposing Bakjira, and again none of my stuns worked.



Round 3 and 4 - Once again the round passes and no stun has been applied, but at the start of the fourth round Igor finally manages to stun someone after 6 attempts, then Xenith Archer takes Djinn Oshanuss out of the game, so now I have a good lead.


Round 5 - The opposing units are being eliminated one by one, the Chaos Agent was knocked out early on, and the Magic Clock ends up stunned.


Round 6 - On the very first move of the round, Igor took the Magic Clock out of play, practically handing me the victory since the last opposing unit couldn't attack from the first position.


Round 7 - Victory had finally arrived, it was only a matter of waiting for the final outcome, Supply Runner's last blow.


🎊 Conclusion 🎊

Keep Your Distance is a rule that doesn't bother me too much, I always have a good alternative to occupy the tank positions, because as in the match above Baakjira was resistant as a melee tank, and as ranged and magic units are still allowed it's easy to fill the back-line, of these three rules that inhibit a certain type of damage to participate in the game, Keep Your Distance is the one that I'm most comfortable playing without a doubt 😁.


Game Link: Splinterlands

Battle Link: ZALLIN Vs. JOJO777

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