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Continuing with another delayed post from the Battle Mage Secrets event, today we have the Holy Protection rule, a very curious rule that can hinder slow line-ups and without area damage, luckily I had no trouble finding this rule, I think it's quite common to appear, let's go to the post!




HOLY PROTECTIONAll monsters have the divine shield ability.

Holy Protection is a rule that grants divine shield to all units on the field, which means that all units have to suffer at least 2 attacks to be knocked out. With this in mind, units that attack in areas and hit twice are very effective, filling the entire line-up will be much more advantageous than a few robust units on the field, at least you know that your back line will be well protected, so you can focus on the attack, it's also not very interesting to divide the damage into several offensive lines.

My main strategy is to act quickly with as much area damage as possible, it can be low damage, because at least it will take away the divine shield, units with double attacks I also like to use, I don't split my damage and concentrate everything on the opponent's tank.

Below I list the main skills I use.

Best Skills

image.pngDouble StrikeGood ability to remove the shield, the first attack takes out and the second deals damage.
image.pngBlastGood for almost everything, and here you will be able to easily remove the shield from the units next to the target, it can even do low damage, as the focus is really on taking away the divine shield.
image.pngThornsI mentioned Thorns because it is the most common to use, but it is also valid for the abilities Return Fire and Magic Reflect, the small damage returned will be enough to remove the shield from the unit that attacked.
image.pngResurrectIf you manage to revive a unit under the effect of this rule, it will return with all armor and still with divine shield ready to be used again.
image.pngRedemptionThe best ability to clear the opponent's shields, those measly 1 damage will be enough to take the entire team's shield.

Worst Skills

image.pngDivine ShieldAll units will already have this ability, if you are thinking of using a card just because of this ability, you may have other better options.
image.pngRechargeToo bad for a field full of divine shields, as it would take at least 4 turns to kill a unit.


⚔️ My Team ⚔️


A match with 53 mana and the Holy Protection/Close Range rules, with this amount of mana I knew I could go heavy, the rules didn't limit my choices but added tank options, I thought of units with blast and double strike abilities to remove the opponent's divine shield.
image.pngSummoner : An excellent defensive summoner, it combines very well with the Holy Protection rule, making your units extremely resistant.
image.pngTank : Its Recharge ability is pretty bad here, but with luck the target will already be without the shield when it hits, it is very resistant and can heal itself.
image.pngOff-Tank/Suport: I was wrong to position it here, because in this position will be targeted by units with a sniper ability, is a good support and can still revive a unit.
image.pngSuport: Will take away armor and speed from every opposing team, excellent unit for almost all rule types.
image.pngDPS : High damage with blast, will take the shield of the units next to the target quickly.
image.pngDPS: Another excellent DPS, it would be even better with General Sloan, but it will still be useful for taking out divine shields.
image.pngSuport: Positioned to complete the team, if it's my last unit on the field it'll be very strong, and it's also reduced some of the damage from the opponent's ranged attack.


🤜The Battle 🤛


Analyzing the match: A balanced match between attack and defense, my opponent came very offensive with a unit that hits hard as a tank, my side is more defensive, and I should be able to hold the momentum of the opposing team, another problem is the gladiator on the field can get extremely powerful in the end.

Round 1 - A very hectic round, but without any eliminations, both defenses held up well, but my team mage and the Wave Brood are in bad health, the next round could be decisive.


Round 2 - Right from the start my Time Mage knocks out the Wave Brood, who is revived soon after, but almost halfway through the round the Pelacor Arbalast takes it out of the game definitely, Uriel attacks with its incredible 12 damage but is stopped by the opponent's divine shield 😅, almost at the end my Time Mage suffers the same as the Wave Brood, but stays alive until the end.


Round 3 - Arbalest starts the round knocking out the opposing tank, and my Time Mage is still alive on the field.


Round 4 - Time Mage even almost dead eliminates the Giant Squid and my angel hits its incredible 12 damage this time didn't have a divine shield, the advantage is now mine.


Round 5 - And finally the victory came, almost a replay of the previous round, my Time Mage still alive managed to knock out the opposing gladiator, and the Pelacor Arbalast ended the game.


🎊 Conclusion 🎊

Divine Shield is a very defensive rule, if you don't take the opponent's shield away quickly you may be in trouble, quick offensives and efficient ways to take the shield away helped a lot in this match, Recharge proved to be really ineffective, as one of the 12 damage attacks was blocked by the divine shield :(, but at least the angel was a very resistant tank, the highlight was the Time Mage, it died, resurrected and still held at least 6 hits, in the end my whole team was standing.


Game Link: Splinterlands

Battle Link: ZALLIN Vs. JOHNV

Image sources: and


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