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I finally found and won a match with the Fog of War rule for the Battle Mage Secrets event, this rule was almost more difficult than Explosive Weaponry 😂, it took me almost a week to find a good victory to put here, I have no problem to face this rule it was just bad luck 😂, let's go to the post!




FOG OF WARMonsters lose the Sneak, Sniper and Oppportunity abilities.

Fog of War is very interesting, because it gives a strong debuff on melee cards, in addition to taking the Snipe from some shooters, without Sneak and Opportunity the melee units are limited to the first and second position to attack if they have the Reach ability, it is very easy to get around the problems of this rule, because it is enough to put magic units or ranged attacks, but what happens most is to forget this rule is in play and use a unit relying on such skills, you can be sure that this occurs a lot.

My strategy for this rule is simple, position a strong tank in frontline and look for a unit with Reach or use the summoner Possibilus the Wise, with this I can use two melee units, the rest is optional, more usually I put damage with a few supports to help the team.

Below, I will list my favorite skills and the ones I use the least for this rule.

Best Skills

ability_reach.pngReachA good option for units that use melee attacks, as they will be able to attack from the second position.
ability_blast.pngBlastAlways useful, if you have the opportunity to use a unit with this skill, don't think twice.
ability_void-armor.pngVoid ArmorMagic damage can easily end your game, always have at least one defense against magic, another option is the Void ability.
ability_protect.pngProtectExtra armor is great, this ability gives +2 of this attribute to all your units, plays very well with Void Armor.
ability_double-strike.pngDouble StrikeOne of the best offensive skills, but usually the units that have this skill are very fragile.

Worst Skills

ability_sneak.pngSneakAbility completely unusable by the Fog Of War rule.
ability_opportunity.pngOpportunitySame thing as sneak, it won't work here, think twice before using a unit with this ability.
ability_snipe.pngSnipeUseless thanks to the Fog of War rule, but since it is only present on magic-type units and ranged attacks, it is not so bad.
ability_camouflage.pngCamouflageYour back line will be completely safe with the Fog Of War rule, so this skill is useless.


⚔️ My Team ⚔️


A match with 46 mana and the rules Noxious Fumes/Lost Magic/Fog of War, with this poison on the field I opted for more robust units and a unit with Cleanse to at least get the poison out of the tank, Lost Magic interfered with my options leaving only ranged and melee attacks available, and Fog of War took away a lot more options I had, so I opted for the summoner Possibilus the Wise to make way for another melee unit and filled the rest with strong DPS to end the match quickly.
Possibilus the Wise_lv3.pngSummoner : I finally started using this legendary summoner, and I confess that I'm enjoying it especially when combined with Coastal Sentry, it will give a good boost in HP to resist poison and trample for my whole team.
Diemonshark_lv5.pngTank : My default blue tank, the poison damage from the first round will help trigger enrage quickly.
Coastal Sentry_lv6.pngOff-Tank/DPS: High mana cost and extremely fragile, but has a very high destructive power, combines very well with blue legendary summoner, as it can attack safely from the second position.
Venari Marksrat_lv3.pngSuport: It will die easily from poison damage, when that happens it will make Coastal even stronger.
Swamp Spitter_lv6.pngSuport/DPS: I love this ninja turtle, it can be a good support with its repair skill.
Merdhampir_lv6_gold.pngDPS: I'm always in doubt between it and the Kulu Swimhunter, but this one should last longer due to Life Leech.
Sea Stalker_lv5.pngDPS: It will remove the poison from my tank after the first round, plus it hits very hard.


🤜The Battle 🤛


Analyzing the match: My opponent was wrong to put the flying skull in the last position I have no way to attack it and will die from the poison damage in the first round, Lira also entered the field without her best ability, the Table is very much in my favor, because all my units will help in the match, I just have to get to Harklaw quickly, or I will have problems with the poison.

Round 1 - Strong attacks on each tank, it will certainly be a quick match, halfway through the round the Cursed Windeku is eliminated, my tank is only 3 HP but free of poison.


Round 2 - The first wave of poison passes and takes the Flying Skull, soon after taking advantage of its high speed the Diemon Shark kills the Riftwing and activates the trample ability to causing extra damage to the next opposing unit, in the next move it was the turn of the Drybone Raider to leave the game, I have a good advantage now.


Round 3 - Finally, the victory came, the second wave passes and kills Venari Marksrat activating his Matyr, soon after taking advantage of this bonus, Coastal Sentry kills Harklaw and Lira with trample ability.


🎊 Conclusion 🎊

As you saw in the game above even with the Fog of War rule disabling most of the melee attacks coming from the back line there are still good options with the Reach skill, the Possibilus the Wise Summoner was extremely effective here, but I had help from my opponent's misplay, I am happy to know that he was a human playing, I almost always make mistakes 😅, and it was sad to see the machines playing with perfect teams always, I take the opportunity to remember that this is the biggest problem with this rule, "misplay", because the unit can stand still on your field without doing anything until it reaches the first position 😀.


Game Link: Splinterlands

Battle Link: ZALLIN Vs. PAXFA

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