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There are still some events left for me to catch up with Battle Mage Secrets, soon I will reach the current ones phew, for today we have the Ferocity rule, I had no problem finding a good match to post here, I'm not a big fan of this rule, but the idea is to participate in all events 😄, let's go to the post!




FEROCITYAll monsters have the fury ability.

Ferocity is one of the simplest rules in the game where all monsters will have the fury ability, so it is very dangerous to use monsters with the taunt ability, as they would take double damage, it is already difficult for them to hold all the damage, imagine double them, it will hardly last a round on the battlefield even with the best supports trying to keep it alive 😁.

My strategy here is simple, do not use a unit with taunt in my line-up😅, then I adapt the other rules, as they will always influence the match more than Ferocity, by default I always play balanced with damage and defense and some extra support.

Almost all skills are useful here, so I have no favorites, but there are two that I don't like to use.

Worst Skills

ability_fury.pngFuryIt's not useless, but all units will already have this ability, so you don't need to choose a card just because of this ability.
ability_taunt.pngTauntAll units with this ability will receive 2x damage, I avoid using it as much as possible in matches like this one.


⚔️ My Team ⚔️


A match with 35 mana and the rules Explosive Weaponary/Ferocity/Counterspell the rule Explosive Weaponary made me think about fast units that attack the opponent's back-line, with Ferocity made me give up the idea of using a tank with taunt followed by Tide Bitter or another unit with the skill Reflection Shield, and lastly Counterspell I avoided using magic units to not taking return damage, focusing only on physical damage.
Kelya Frendul_lv5.pngSummoner : Speed and armor bonuses, I really like these attributes in matches with the Explosive Weaponary rule, because it helps to attack first and hold the strong damage of the first round.
Diemonshark_lv5.pngTank : Good damage and a lot of armor, it is very fragile to magical damage, but as it will have the Counterspell rule it should not appear much of this type of damage here.
Tide Biter_lv4.pngOff-Tank: Great for holding blast damage, it's still cheap and can deal good damage from second position.
Uraeus_lv4.pngDPS: One of the best neutral units, it will attack the opponent's backline and can still poison the target.
Deeplurker_lv6_gold.pngDPS : An excellent hunter, it will do a lot of damage if the target is in the middle of the line-up, as this will cause +2 damage to the units next to it.
Coastal Nymph_lv6.pngDPS: It has a very criticized ability, but very useful in matches with the Explosive Weaponnary rule, as its damage can drop in the middle of the opponent's back-line.
Igor Darkspear_lv4.pngSuport: Costing only 2 mana, this guy can deal 2 damage and still stun the target.


🤜The Battle 🤛


Analyzing the match: My opponent came with an excellent summoner for this ruleset, the only target I have is Djinn Oshanuss and with that the blast damage will be all absorbed by the opponent's Tide Biter, luckily my unit with random target can pierce this strategy.

Round 1 - In an electrifying round, almost all of my area damage was neutralized, except Coastal Nymph's random target, which hit right in the middle of the lineup, and in the end, my Uraeus managed to poison Djinn Oshanuss, no units left the field this round.


Round 2 - The round starts with Djinn Oshanuss leaving the field due to poison, almost in the middle of the match my Tide Biter knocks out the opponent's Tide 😂, soon after my support takes the Void Dragon out of the match, Coastal Mymph hit another beautiful blow causing damage to 3 units and taking Dhampir Infiltrator out of the game, almost at the end Deeplurker kills Naga Assissin and leaves the Ninja Turtle with only 1 HP and poisoned.


Round 3 - And the game comes to an end, before the start of the round, the Ninja Turtle dies due to poison damage.


🎊 Conclusion 🎊

Ferocity is not really one of the coolest rules, just avoid using units with the taunt ability 😅, in this round I could have put a unit with the taunt ability as a tank or in the last position, followed by a unit with Reflection Shield to hold almost all blast damage, but here these units would be knocked out quickly 🤣.


Game Link: Splinterlands


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