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Let's go for another Sharing Your Battle, this time the chosen rule is Even Stevens, I find this rule a little dull, but I confess that leaves the intriguing matches at times, I suffered to find a match with this rule, luckily I won the first one that appeared, let's go to the post.




EVEN STEVENSOnly Monsters with even mana costs may be used in battles.

Even Stevens is a rule that will not influence the battlefield but the choice of your line-up, only units with even mana cost will be able to participate in the game (half of the cards out 🤣), breaking a little the main combos, when this rule appears the most difficult part is to assemble a team without their usual moves, another detail is that most of the time you will not be able to use all the available mana 😂.

I don't have a specific strategy for this rule and I try to manage which cards I have available, there is no bad skill for this rule, on the contrary all will be useful, I usually try to use the ones I like the most like Heal, protect and void armor to defend myself well, but nothing prevents me from using my arsenal completely here 😄.

Below, I will list my favorite skills for this rule.

Best Skills

ability_heal.pngHealOne of the skills I like the most, almost always useful, I get sad when the unit dies without healing, so I try to put some more supports to avoid this kind of situation.
ability_blast.pngBlastArea damage is great for destroying small armor and divine shield of opposing units, it is a somewhat rare ability, but if you have a unit with it use it at will.
ability_protect.pngProtectArmor for your entire team, sometimes it can be ineffective, but I always like to use it, it is almost a Divine Shield for your entire team.
ability_void-armor.pngVoid ArmorExcellent for protecting from magic damage, a strong magic combo can be lethal if you have no protection against it.
ability_tank-heal.pngTank HealI also like it a lot, even more than the Heal skill, it manages to give good support to the tank, making it stay alive for much longer.


⚔️ My Team ⚔️


A match with 19 mana and the Even Stevens/Lost Legendaries rules, both rules affected the formation of my line-up, one taking out all legendary units and the other all odd units, due to the mana cost I opted for the death element, as it has excellent low cost cards and would still have a good advantage against magic damage, I focused on protecting my tank while my back line attacked very slowly.
Thaddius Brood_lv5_gold.pngSummoner : This summoner is excellent against magic units and also takes 1 HP from all opposing units, it is great in games with low mana cost.
Cursed Windeku_lv6.pngTank : Tough tank, with thorn and healing, it is incredible with some more supports like armor, will hold very well to the initial rounds of the game.
Weirding Warrior_lv4.pngDPS: I was in doubt about the positioning of this unit, but I thought it would be more protected here than in the last position, I thought it would be more likely to appear units with sneak than with snipe.
Ravenhood Warden_lv3.pngDPS/Suport: An excellent support for the death element, it has the Protect skill something rare in this element, I left him well protected in the middle of the line-up.
Xenith Archer_lv5_gold.pngDPS : Pretty generic card, will protect the back-line against sneak units and still do some measly damage 😂.


🤜The Battle 🤛


Analyzing the match: In the dispute between summoners I come out ahead, because my summoner nullified the only bonus of the opposing summoner, in addition to taking 1 HP from all his units, Windeku will do good damage to Grund with his thorn, this match will be defined as soon as one of the tanks falls,

Round 1 - A very hectic round, I had forgotten about the Weirding Warrior's Amplify ability with it on the field the Cursed Windeku applied 6 damage only with the thorns and then knocked out Grund with a simple hit, soon after the princess was knocked out by the RavenHood Warden, victory is very close.


Round 2 - It was a very fast game, with only one ranged unit on the field, my opponent couldn't do anything else, the game ends with a Xenith Archer hit.


🎊 Conclusion 🎊

As we saw before the Even Stevens rule only influences the creation of your line up, it is almost a Standard rule, limiting only your choices, the whole part of assembling the line-up must always follow your strategy adapting to the few available cards you have, your main moves may still exist but may undergo some change.


Game Link: Splinterlands


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