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It felt like an eternity in the dungeon. The baroness sighed as she thought to herself. Earth's Timing threw her to Hades, also known as the DARKSIDE. Many battle mages have come here and never returned. Some who attempted it had their lives sucked out by fire, and now only these dungeon walls hold their memories. The baroness was willing to trade the prospect of ever seeing daylight for anything other than these rodent-infested death hole.

At the very least, she still had her weapon, which the guards fought to take away, but she wouldn't let go, so they threw her to the worst part of the dungeon, where she would rot away.

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"I want water, muppets."

The Baroness's thoughts is diverted by the gruff, raspy, and somewhat high-pitched voice.

She muttered to herself,

"great! The Elf lives,"
and then sighed again, shaking her head in exhaustion.

"Hai Saddle-goose. give me wa...?"

The guard strikes him with the hilt of the sword, knocking him to the ground before he could finish speaking.

"Why do you insist on doing that all the time?"
, the baroness questions.

Throwing off the rat that had just crept up his body, the Elf tries to stand up.

"They need be occupied. He appeared bored. Don't you just mind your own business and go to sleep"
said the elf.

"Why, So you can steal from me or mess with my reality? That is not going to happen"
She reacts.

You see, the Elf was thrown into the same dungeon with her a few days after she was. He stole from a high-ranking monster, and used his sorcery to kill the chief guard as he tried to flee.

Many times he has attempted to hypnotize the baroness in order to steal her amulet, but she has kept a close eye on him ever since.

"We're never going to get out of here, so quit it thief,"
she says.

“Here—here! You mustn’t call me such names, mage. I can get out"
cried the Elf, frowning darkly.

"How so grumpy?"
she asks, suspiciously.

"Would you like to trade for it, Mage?"

the Elf chuckled, interlocking his slim long fingers in mischief. The baroness raises her brow and casts him a sidelong glance.

"For the last time, I'm not giving you my amulet. But why not tell me and I'll bring you along? You have my word on it."

The Elf gives her a look, then paces back and forth, giving her the look again as if analyzing her words each time. He takes a deep breath and moves closer, his gaze fixed on her amulet, which was hanging around her neck.

"Step back, Elf, don't get any closer"
she says with a drawn out sword.

The Elf comes to a halt, looks at her and gives a rasping chuckle before continuing.

"The amulet you carry possesses great powers to Invite battles and not just read combat rules. You can start a war with it and in the right hand..."

He is cut off by the baroness.

"good try, I suppose you mean your hands is the right one?"

The Elf giver her a shrug while still pacing back and forth on his oversize foot.

"All right, Elf, keep this myth going,"
the Baroness says sarcastically.

He approaches her once more before pausing to gaze at her. With her sword, she signals for him to stop.

"You must look at the amulet through a reflection as you chant "zhimiras kimidas."

Before the goblin could finish, the baroness takes the amulet off her neck and chants "zhimiras kimidas" into the reflection of her blade. Immediately, a loud stomp, making Hades tremble as if an earthquake had struck it.

"You should of waited for me to finish Mage. Only chant when...arrghhh! Now we going to perish in here"

the Elf utters in a frenzy while pacing back and forth in great distress.

The darkside guards approach them to attack.

'Who summoned this battle?'

"She did it."
the Elf croaked and points to the Baroness.

"why Thank you, thief."
The baroness says in a sarcastic tone and turns to face the guards with her sword ready to fight.


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Another loud stomp, this time more terrifying than the first, which caused the bar hinges to fall off. The guards were buried beneath the dungeon rubble as a result of the stomp. The dread of impending battle filled the air.

The baroness tries to knock down the bars with her feet. She quickly glances at her amulet, which reveals the combat rules and allowed her to summon only one summoner at a time. If she did not do so after starting the battle, it would be considered sacrilege. That was not going to happen. This was her chance to escape Hades.

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The baroness summoned the great dragon BYZANTINE KITTY with her amulet. KITTY smashed through Hades, Majestic and glorious in all words, large enough that the hades trembled. A three-star summoner, so adorable that it'll misguide you while it strikes. A summoner with the supernatural ability to grant the 'SPEED, HEAL AND TRUE STRIKE' ability to the monsters willing to fighting alongside.

The baroness and Elf in awe as stats appeared. They both couldn't believe their eyes. Another stomp echoes, drawing the fight closer. BYZANTINE KITTY, takes a commanding stance while flapping the huge wings, and summons the most powerful monsters.

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element EARTH (1).png

The name itself demonstrates how demonic this monster can be. Bursting through Hades, this enormous size monsters is known as the Celestial of Sharks. His body is covered in thick armored scales, and his powerful fins and tail allow him to move quickly enough to avoid enemy attacks and 'Trample' on them. Never try to 'Enrage' the DIEMONSHARK because if he becomes enraged, he transforms into a demon.

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element EARTH (2).png

DEEPLURKER are poisonous fish that lurk the weak at the ocean's bottom. They believe in the elemental water magic balance, and when it shifts, the DEEPLURKER rise to attack or defend it in order to keep the balance. A terrifying six-star monster well deserving of it's title.

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element EARTH (4).png

Legend has it that this monster is loyal and would do anything to fight against the chaos legion. ancient monsters with powerful magic abilities. DJINN OSHANNUS excellent forcefield ability only can be attacked with monsters of +5. Magic attack misses him and if hit, his avoid ability recues the damage.

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element EARTH (5).png

According to legend, he is as old as the seven seas. The Ocean Oracle is well-known for being the most feared of its kind, possessing knowledge that spans time and space. A three-star⭐️⭐️⭐️ monster who is well-deserving of his rank and abilities. His 'silence' ability reduces all enemy magic monsters' attacks, while blasting the enemy monster adjacent to his target. RULER OF THE SEAS 'swift' ability increases the speed of all team monsters in battle.

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element EARTH (3).png

A 3 star⭐️⭐️⭐️ Legendary monster who because of his flying and dodging abilities, he has a 100% chance of dodging enemies, whether melee or ranged. If that monster has the ability to fly or evade, it cancels out the effect of those abilities. This case is highly unlikely, and that's what makes this powerful monster one of a kind. Another ability he has is the demoralize effect to melee attack. He is well deserving of his title and name as the PHANTOM OF THE ABYSS.

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element EARTH (6).png

ICE PIXIE is a water sliver ice mage looking for the right opportunity to battle. Although she has just a single magic, her speed +4 peered with BYZANTINE KITTY +2 speed gives her an advantage when attacking. It is almost impossible for enemies to attack and kill her.

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As they all appeared before BYZANTINE KITTY, they ready their armor and a big stomp reveals Hades with the defiant monsters.

There was a great screeching loud noise like the sound of many dammed souls as summoner enemy-TARSA approached for battle wrapped up in fire accompanied by top ranked monsters, enemy-LIVING LAVA in first position, enemy-DISINTEGRATOR in second, enemy-TENYII STRIKER in third, enemy-DJINN APPRENTICE in fourth, enemy-SERPENTINE SPY in fifth and enemy-FIRE ELEMENTAL in sixth.

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As she dashed to the center of the battleground, clutching the amulet, the Elf hides away behind the pile of rubble, watching. The baroness's heart skip several beats, hoping her monsters win or be damned forever in Hades. When the enemy-TARSA saw the baroness, she burst out in evil laughter.

"You, a mage dare to start a battle in Hades. Your soul like the rest battles mages who dared will be damned forever in Hades"

She lashed out at the Baroness.

The Baroness trembled even more, nearly dropping the amulet. She takes a stance to read the combat rules.


HEAVY HITTERS: All monsters gain the 'Knockout' ability.
SPREADING FURY: All monsters gain 'Enrage' shield.

Her heart was steady as she yelled.

BYZANTINE KITTY flies over her monsters and through Telepathy speaks to her team of monsters;

"Brothers this mage seeks an escape out of Hades to realm she fell from. Our weapons have been honed for combat. To arms! to arms! We fight for glory!!!"

Her team of monsters let out a thundering growl, furious and intense. All the monsters then charge out to attack.

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⚔️ROUND 1⚔️

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  • According to the rule set, all monsters are given the KNOCKOUT ability.

  • According to ruleset, all monsters are given ENRAGE ability.



  • RULER OF THE SEAS GIVES ALL TEAM MONSTERS 'SWIFTNESS' ABILITY while he 'silences🤐' all enemy monsters

  • PHANTOM OF THE ABYSS 'demoralizes' all enemy monsters and in return for the favors, enemy-LIVING LAVA 'rust' the baroness' monsters shield and enemy-DISINTEGRATOR 'demoralizes' them too😁

  • Round 1 starts with PHANTOM OF THE ABYSS launching the first attack on enemy-LIVING LAVA, affecting it's health directly -3.

  • Next comes DJINN OSHANNUS and ICE PIXIE striking at enemy-LIVING LAVA before he even get's the chance to react and again, his health affected -3. The 'shatter' from ICE PIXIE also removed his shield. Leaving room for DIEMONSHARK to strike again -1 health.

  • RULER OF THE SEAS take advantage again and strikes at the now staggering enemy-LIVING LAVA killing him instantly. The blast goes on to hit enemy-DISINTEGRATOR affecting it's health -2. enemy-LIVING LAVA's death restore back the protective shield of DIEMONSHARK and ICE PIXIE.

  • DEEPLURKER strikes at enemy-DISINTEGRATOR, totally removing his shield -2.

  • Enraged, enemy-FIRE ELEMENTAL strikes at DIEMONSHARK affecting it's shield plus afflicting him and the blast goes on to hit DEEPLURKER affecting it's health -2.

  • enemy-SERPENTINE SPY sneaks and launches a strike at ICE PIXIE removing her shield, While enemy-DJINN APPRENTICE affecting it's health directly -2.

  • enemy-TENYII STRIKER and enemy-DISINTEGRATOR both miss their strikes at ICE PIXIE and DIEMONSHARK.

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The baroness's heart rate remains steady and the Elf thief now comes out of hiding and takes a spooky walk towards the baroness. All of the enemies' abilities were far too impressive, and none of them were fallen. The fight had just gotten heated. She knew that defeating the DARKSIDE was critical to her escaping Hades. She had faith in her monsters. DIEMONSHARK and RULER OF THE SEAS let out a roar in rage as they charged at the enemy once more.

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⚔️ROUND 2⚔️

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  • DIEMONSHARK launches a strike at enemy-DISINTEGRATOR, affecting it's health -2 and while still staggering, holding onto it's last life line, PHANTOM OF THE ABYSS gives a deadly blow and dead goes enemy-DISINTEGRATOR.

  • DEEPLURKER then launches a deadly at enemy-SERPENTINE SPY , killing him instantly.

  • DJINN OSHANNUS , ICE PIXIE and RULER OF THE SEAS all take turns to strike at enemy-TENYII STRIKER, reducing it's health to the very last life line. The blast from this strikes goes on to affect enemy-DJINN APPRENTICE -2 health.

  • Enraged, enemy-DJINN APPRENTICE and enemy-FIRE ELEMENTAL also take turns to strike at DIEMONSHARK , this affects it's health -1 and removes his shield. The blast goes on to affect the health of DEEPLURKER -2. enemy-TENYII STRIKER misses his strike on DIEMONSHARK.

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The baroness clenches her fist and sighs with relief. Four enemy monsters had fallen, and last three were nearing the end of their lives. This gave her and the Goblin thief hope.

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⚔️ROUND 3⚔️

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  • DIEMONSHARK launches a deadly strike at enemy-TENYII STRIKER killing him immediately.

  • TRAMPLE!!! DIEMONSHARK again launches a deadly at enemy-DJINN APPRENTICE -4 health killing him immediately.

  • All charged, PHANTOM OF THE ABYSS goes for the kill at enemy-FIRE ELEMENTAL -4 health killing her immediately too.


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Just as BYZANTINE KITTY and the squad are about to leave, the baroness steps forward with the Elf, completely overwhelmed in amazement, both take a bow, as a sign of respect. BYZANTINE KITTY and Team of monsters acknowledge their respect. Speechless in the face of such a crushing defeat against hades.

The baroness and the Elf thief recoiled in terror, having never been approached in this manner by such a powerful summoner, but, BYZANTINE KITTY's smile made them feel safe.

The summoner bends low, as if signaling the baroness to board. The Elf who understands magical language says,

"She wants us to get on her back Mage"
with a bit of fear in his raspy voice.
The Baroness hops on her back, stretches her hand out to grab the Elf,
"Hold on tight thie..."
as BYZANTINE KITTY swoops up, breaking free through hades like a great rushing wind.

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BYZANTINE KITTY drops them on an island. The Baroness immediately recognizes it as The Island of Tamos, the island she was on before the grim reaper returned her.

She expresses her gratitude to [BYZANTINE KITTY] before the summoner vanishes.

"whoohoohoo, what a battle mage!"
the Elf cries out in excitement as he takes a fetch from the flowing stream.

"Certainly Elf!"
the baroness replied.

"The name is Elintz mind you. I mean, this is wayyy... better than Hades, there's water,"
he says with his mouth full of it. In the excitement of freedom, he quickly deepens himself inside the pool.

The Baroness, now in the realm of Diamonds, stands near the shoreline, her gaze fixed on the mountains and rising sun. She pondered how she would get to Anenon. She was hopeful. All that mattered was this very moment. She clutched her amulet, smiled, and breathed a sigh of relief as the breeze blew through her hair.

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I definitely like this team of monsters and always look forward to engaging them in battles. The abilities of these monsters at Maximum levels is fascinating, unmatched. It all sends chills down my spine. This only demonstrates that if you play the Dragon Unit, then you can pair it up with these Water deck, the team lineup gives an 85% chance of victory.

My strategy worked as i think the lineup was decent⚔️. It is no doubt the monsters are worth collecting, great cards to own, and this battle challenge has surely exposed their usefulness. I Thoroughly enjoyed this battle.

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😊That will be all about my battle. If you want to take part in this Splinterlands' weekly battle challenge, simply go to 👉Splinterlands Social Media Challenge! to read up more on the challenge.





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