I exploded!

in #hive-1324108 months ago

I exploded!
Have you ever exploded?
I looked calm, but only from the smile on the outside,
and suddenly my baby fell out of bed...

I couldn't take it anymore,
I screamed,
Profanities escaped my lips,
I threw things,
I hugged my princess
And then I cried...
I said hurtful things,
I said them without thinking,
And I kept crying until I calmed down...

It all came over me like a wave,
everyday problems,
a discussion of stupid things that piled up,
and the finishing touch?
The blow that my princess received because of an oversight of ours while we were arguing....

That was the beginning of the day,
What can I say?
From then on, there was only sadness
and moral guilt for saying hurtful phrases that in other circumstances I would have said differently,
but the glass overflowed...


Image by comfreak published in Pixabay