Zing Weekly Buying: Bought And Staked 421 Tokens | Week #3

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Hey, guys Welcome back to my holozing weekly token buying post. It is doing fantastic in the hive-engine market. It is holding a $0.007 price in the market this is a good price and it is still going up. The game is not live yet That is why there is no utility of token. But there are some options by using them You can earn zing tokens in the beginning I was delegated 500HP to this holozing project But later I increased my delegation to 1.21k. Now I cannot increase delegation because I don’t have much hive power in my wallet That is why I am keeping 1.21K delegation here I’m not going to increase delegation but I am buying tokens from the market. you can see, I am buying weekly.

So first I was just earning from the delegation and staking then I added some posh tokens Not a big amount, but 100 tokens, And then I focused on liquidity pool And almost added 2.5 K tokens there and kept some hive as well. So my target is to increase the amount in liquidity pools because it is providing a good APR and it is the highest APR from all the options So it is good to increase the amount here. However, it is a little risky I want to take a risk here because my target is to increase my Zing token stake. So I will not add all the tokens in the liquidity pool but my target is 5K zing tokens in the liquidity pools And hive against zing tokens.

Current Zing Price

Earlier, the price was higher then it was reduced And if I talk about recent times, then it is currently holding around 0.007 price. And it has improved because some time ago the price was, 0.005 USD and it has been there for a long time And everyone thought that the price would go further down but it is a surprise for all of us and now, finally, the price is going up which is a good thing.

I’m not going to do a technical analysis here But one thing is clear whenever the game goes live, the price will increase because many people holding these tokens And many people will come on the platform to play the game because hive is not just a blogging platform, but there is a gaming community And also, gamers coming from outside So we’ll see some great attention towards the platforms platform So currently it is, 0.007. But in the future, we can expect the price will be 2X or 3 X. We can expect that.

My Zing Holding


Since the token is a little expensive now, so I have not purchased more but I bought 297+ tokens And I am gathering it with my liquidity earning that I am earning from the liquidity pool. So if I do something, it is 421.849 tokens And I just staked all of them. After this staking, I have reached 5.18k tokens in the staking And I have 2.4 43K tokens in the liquidity pool along with the 52 + hive coins.


So if I include hive coins, then I have almost reached 10K tokens But right now we are not going to count hive coins but it will definitely be useful for the zing tokens. I am trying to Buy 300 to 400 tokens every week And maybe someday I will buy more when I get a chance But keeping an average of 300 to 400 tokens per week is good for my goal.

Road to 25k Zing token

So my target is 25K zing tokens if I reach this goal early, then I will decide for 50K and then 100K This is easy to say, but it is difficult to do. I have to focus on accumulating more tokens and stick to goals Otherwise, I am not going to reach the goal that is why I have set my goals so that I can stick to them and work for it

By doing this I have almost reached the 10K tokens target considering that hive coins with the average buying of 300 to 400 tokens and the earning that I am getting from the delegation, staking, and liquidity pool I will soon reach the 25 K goal. So that is what I want to share in this post I hope you find this most motivational for you.

Anyway, if you found this post helpful, then do not forget to reblog it And if you have something to say, then do a comment below. Please share this post using #holozing, #zing, and #hive tags I will meet you in my next blog. Take care.

Thank you

Lucky Ali

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zing's price will go high when the game is launched.
0.007 is a good price .
I like your strategy that you are buying zing tokens.

Thanks, bro. Before the game launch, I have to complete 25k Zing tokens.

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