Picture a day: The muddy banks of a canal

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I was working from home today, so I always try to find some time to make a short walk in between video meetings and other work.

I live in an urban area, but there is a recent trend to make room for pieces of nature in the neighborhood.
This unpaved walking trail along a canal is one of the great examples.
It was a bit muddy, but there are no buildings or cars and you can enjoy the view.

It's not a long trail, but perfect for a 45 minute walk from my front door.




Photographing is my passion. Although I like photography in general, nature photography is one of my favourite subjects. I often go out with my camera for a hike to capture the beauty of nature.
I would love to read what you think of my photos in the comments.

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That's a good 45 minutes walk already. I wonder how many 45 minutes walk in between your video meetings... : )

I would love to do a 45 minute walk in between every meeting, but my boss won't like that 😄
So it's only during my lunch break.

I thought you would but better not get in trouble😄