My 3 Mothers and a Bonus Royal Mother in LOH 185

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My 3 Mothers and a Bonus Royal Mother

Hello Hello to all you wonderful Ladies and other Hivians.

I feel like I am intruding and it feels so wrong, however I have been assured I am allowed to post this for the dreemport collaboration month.

This then is a post for Ladies of Hive Community Contest #185

specially in response to question number 3....

3️⃣ Is there a special recipe or tradition that is associated with your mom (or mom figure) that you would love to share with us?

Why 3?

Why not!

I was fortunate enough to know my mother, my grandmother and my granny. Hence the 3 mothers in the title ... I will let you guess if you can who the Royal Mother is...

So here we have it sounds like an edition of threetunetuesday except it would be threemotherthursday!

Why am I included my two grandmothers... Yes why not.

Do you know why? I was thinking that I really should enter a post for this challenge and thought if there was a way to include my parent's mothers that would be all cool.

Sadly all these figures have passed away and it came to me today that I have never written about either grandmother and rarely do I write about my mother.

How much I will today we shall see...


1 The Granny (think grumpy Matilda!)

My father lost his father when he was a nipper so I never knew my paternal grandfather but I knew my paternal grandmother. I called her granny ... Yes she looked Matilda the NFT character I created (if you know me you will know I don't really do fiction I do faction which is a blend of fact and fiction and yes Matilda the character is based on my granny, including the gin habit, although Matilda does not appear to smoke.


We lived in Edinburgh as did granny. However my parents moved away when I was 11 and I went to the same school in Edinburgh but as a boarder. I would fly home during school holidays.

My associated traditions of granny.
Every other Wednesday I would catch the number 23 bus to Morningside in Edinburgh (Morningside was a well to do area in Edinburgh where JK Rowling lived). When I got there granny would open up her purse and get me some coins. I would then have to walk to the newsagent who would take the money and count out some Benson & Hedges cigarettes and give them to me to give to her. No proof of age in those days 🤣

Dinner would always be Finnan Haddock. This was then cooked in milk which would turn yellow, it was served with mashed potatoes and peas.

After being shown how to make it twice, it was my turn to cook. This then became a tradition and I would end up buying it from the fishmonger after I got off the bus on the way to her 1 bedroomed flat.

Wee Edward the culinary masterchef at age 11, I would not do the cigarette drooping from mouth in the kitchen just yet! She passed away from lung cancer when I was 14.


2 The Grandmother (think smaller but posher Matilda)

My mother's parents were Fifers and live in the county that I live in now. When I was at boarding school I would catch the train from Edinburgh to Kirkcaldy and spend a weekend with them every so often.

They live in Elie and had a big house and huge garden, my grandmother was a bank managers wife and as such di not work. My grandfather was huge in the freemasons and was the treasurer of the Scottish freemasons for years. His funeral was like a celebrity funeral, people came from all over the UK and it was massive. I digress.

Grandmother was grandma, under no circumstances am I ever to be called granny she would say with her eyebrow arched. I was bigger than her when I was about 8 so she would always be looking down on you.

I remember her driving an old Rover car and she had to sit on a great big pillow on the seat just to see over the steering wheel and out the fluffing window!

Our tradition though was that she would pick me up at the train station and we would drive to St Andrews. We would then go to a restaurant for high tea. She had five grandsons but I was her favourite. When I went with her for high tea, she would get instant service from the young waitresses if I was there she would say.

We would always have a scone with clotted cream and raspberry jam. I mentioned she had a big garden, well she grew strawberries raspberries gooseberries and all kinds of veg.

She would make jams and I would help, raspberries became my favourite and to this day if I can grab a high tea with a scone clotted cream and raspberry jam then I will.

She was an awesome cook, so our weekends would often be focused on cooking and gardening.


3 The Mother The Mum The Mummy

I never called my mother mummy oh fluff no! Mother in various tones or Mum.

She was a quiet and determined lady, yet always cheery positive and down to earth. I take alot of my positive habits from her.

I realised I am over a thousand words already, so I shall not say too much.

Seeing we are talking about Edinburgh and school I remember one of the if not THE most embarrassing moments in my life.

Age ten and still in Primary school we had a trip to go on with the senior school. So mother dropped me off at the big school. Little Edward got his bag out the boot and mumbled bye mum see you in a week.

Imagine the fluffing horror when ten minutes later we are all in the school yard, probably a couple of hundred boys in ages ranging from 10 to 18, I was about the youngest of the lot, and the horror is still at me as I have not said what happened yet .... Ten minutes later in comes a yellow mini in through the gates.

Oh fluff little Edward does not want to think what is happening.

Car comes to a halt. Car door opens, Edward Edward you have forgotten your Wellies.

Oh fluff me, I was mortified, everyone was cheering Edward Edward and holding up their hands to impersonate the Wellie boots!

Boy oh boy I did not let her live that down. But many a time we can laugh about it.

Which leads me nicely to one of her sayings that resonates to this day... no matter how crappy you think your day or your life is, there is always someone somewhere who is worse off than you, so be thankful and don't waste your day.


Our Bonus ~ We finish with the Royal Mother.

I met her with a bloodied thumb and sang at the Usher Hall in Edinburgh in front of her.

I am a royalist and so of course it was Queen Elizabeth II

The tradition well I am not sure it is a tradition but it is something I associate with her.

I was smoking on the 8th September 2022 when I heard on the radio she had passed away. Shocked on hearing the news, the cigarette fell from my lips and I never lit another one. This was me after smoking over a pack of cigarettes for many many years. Cold turkey it is the only way to quit something imho.


I hope that this is acceptable in the Ladies of Hive community.

I know it would tickle my grandma. She was a big player in ladies gold and ladies bowling. In those days they even had their own rooms in those clubs!

I wish that you all have a brilliant rest of your week, and until we meet again enjoy Hiving.


All ramblings are from me, the mad Scotsman TengoLoTodo unless otherwise stated. Lead image is AI generated from my prompt in Matilda NFT screencard from my #craftink collection.


Haste Ye Back!

@tengolotodo May 16th 2024


Ahhh you are fortunate to know and have bond with your two granny

I only knew the paternal side, I remembered her she was so petite (4'11) maybe, yet indeed a brave lady!

I remembered her she was so petite (4'11)

hehe one was like that height on tiptoes 🤣🤣🤣


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Thank you 🇬🇧

Beautiful memories of your 3 mothers and the queen. I didn't realize Matilda is based on your granny. It's so sweet of you to have created an NFT of her.❤

The part where you forgot your boots made me LOL then thought it might have been a not-so-good experience for a young boy hehe. Your Mom's words make a lot of sense and I thank you for sharing them with us💖

Yes Matilda is very much granny hehe but also I think like many ladies of that generation at least here in Scotland.
Yes the wellie boots still make me laugh now when I think about it. Mother's know best I think they say. Salamuch CJ.

Greetings @tengolotodo, what a beautiful story full of all those anecdotes as a child in reference to your 3 wonderful mothers, the thing about the boots is very funny, taking positive habits from your mother is great, thanks for sharing.

Hi there @cautiva-30, firstly thank you for the wonderful thought provoking questions and secondly thank you for your awesome comment. The boots story jeje yee it brings a smile to my lips every time I think about it!

no matter how crappy you think your day or your life is, there is always someone somewhere who is worse off than you, so be thankful and don't waste your day.

I just love this wise words from your mother.


hehe yes when I am down I just think of that, and hey presto I am up again!

This is beautiful to read. They are all amazing. 🤗

Always a #dreemerforlife

Thank you and yes they really were. Thanks for popping in and I wish you a wonderful week😁

Hey, Super Ed! These anecdotes are all heartwarming. Of some, I remember reading on other occasions, and they all make me imagine what Eddie the little charming rascal would be like. But I don't remember ever hearing you mention your granny, much less knowing that she was one of the inspirations for your alter ego Matilda. That's so nice.
I loved reading this post 💙🌀

Thank you Super Eli 💙 Yes most of the anecdotes you will have heard but right enough I think that was the very first time I mentioned about my granny. But yes she was an inspiration but I think very much subconsciously as it was only when I started to write this that I could see some of Matilda's traits and I knew where they had come from.
I just wanted to give you a hug Super Eli and say thank you for being you , you really are one of the reasons for making Hive worthwhile for me 💙🔷💙

Awww Super Ed, you are so special 💙 You also are one of the reasons that makes my time at Hive worthwhile.
Te quiero mucho querido amigo 🤗😘🌀

So interesting to know about your 3 Mothers. At 11 you already have your turn in cooking😅. Your so lucky to Be able to spend time with your grandmother. I'm sure they spoiled you before.

hehe oh yes I was quite the cook at 11. I then would cook at the boarding school for extra money and because the food we got was terrible! They all spoiled me, women seem to want to do that, not that I ever complain 🤣

Of course.. we tend to spoiled our favourite. No wonder your a chef now coz you learn to cook at a young age😁😛

Hehe yes I love to cook and spoil women too, so it is a case of what comes around goes around or something like that 😜 I promised to cook for Lhes too one day I should put you on that list 😁

Looking forward for that someday😛😌

Oh challenge is on 😁


I was fortunate enough to know my mother, my grandmother and my granny. what?, Mr Tengo and three generations. You were really lucky. Sorry you've lost all.

You are such a good story teller. Yes it went beyond a thousand words but was still interesting to read. I also hope you don't pick up the cigarettes again.

Hey Dani thank you for this!
I was lucky to know them, and thanks for the story teller comment. Thanks too for reading and engaging. I think Hive for me has lost alot of its appeal as so many people don't engage like they used. So I appreciate you coming by so often especially on my leo alt account.
The cigarettes well yeah, touch wood I won't pick up again!

You too have been a wonder to me in my hive journey with many encouragement.

Really appreciate the 'cigarettes dropping' part. Let it be part of our friendship deal. Have a wonderful week

Acceptable to me. Personally, I enjoy writing that is a wee bit ootside th' box. Kirkcaldy, I knew a friend that hailed from that seaside city, God rest his soul, I wonder how his widowed wife and son are doing now.
Thanks for sharing @tengolotodo

Appreciate that, thank you @kerrislravenhill .. Oh wow you knew someone from the lang toun! I hope they are doing well. One good thing about Kirkcaldy is that it still feels like a community.

His nickname was 'Big Lory', a fine fellow, collected silver coins, a patriot Scot and very much against seeing Scotland ruled out of Brussels. He passed away suddenly some years ago leaving his wife and son. My circle of friends contact her a sometimes to check how she's doing. He sent me a few silver coins as a gift too. I remember sending a few Canadian silver coins to his son on a following Christmas.

That is great you guys keep in touch with her from time to time. A patriot Scot against seeing Scotland ruled out of Brussels ah I know that feeling :)
I love how you silver coin collectors are like one big world wide family, it is so cool to see.

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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Seeing a lot more about Little Eddie Weddie!!! Ah… I was laughing at the scene where Mother brought in your Wellies! Leemao! I always thought happened only in movies.

So… does this mean I did not just make up the grandma on the the chair with a frying pan in my head? lol. Grandma sounds like a fluffing delight!

Why did you never call mother mommy? Did it sound too whiny in your ears?

And I got to know more about you from this beautiful post (oh mysterious one)… thank you 🙏🏾

I was laughing at the scene where Mother brought in your Wellies! Leemao! I always thought happened only in movies.

It is as vivid now as it was numpteen years ago! I shall never forget that 🤣

Mommy no because we would say Mummy and Mummy no because yeah that was a girly thing to do! We said Mummy at school and serious bullying would have ensued 🤣 Glad you liked this Deraa 😁



Thank you @ladiesofhive 🌹

It's a great story, @tengolotodo - Edward. It lets me see a lot of things about you and your character. It's great that you've decided to participate in the initiative. Your descriptions almost made me feel like I was there in a cinematic way in your life.

You're awesome. Do you have rain boots? I'm asking you now so I don't have to come back to edit the comment.


Hehe rain boots you know I do 😁
Thanks @nanixxx I try to have posts on Hive that I would like to read, I generally like to read and look at fun things. So hoped I managed to portray things and me in a fun way 😁

🤗 Happy weekend!

Ah yes and you too have a happy weekend 💙

I read this more than once and I am grateful for this prompt because I know one a little more about you!

You're also blessed to have three beautiful mothers by your side until they passed, I knew just my maternal mom and dad, didn't have the opportunity to meet my granny from my paternal side, I love how much you are fond of all three. Thank you for sharing.

Popped in from Dreemport, always an awesome #dreemerforlife.

Hello Amie! Aww thank you awesome #dreemerforlife!
That is a shame about not meeting your granny on your paternal side. Hehe little by little you know more😁
Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

Awww, this was very nice to read, they all sound like really amazing women, you are a very lucky man.

Thank you and yes they were and I think I am 😁 Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful week.