Walk 'N Shoot😊

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We went out early in the morning for mass then headed to the father-in-law's place afterward. The husband needed to pick up some stuff which he had forgotten yesterday. Since it is a Sunday, Papa isn't around. He's a church Pastor and his congregation is 2.5 hours drive away.

We were about to leave when I remembered to have some pictorial. That's rare, lol! Also, we wanted our little guy to enjoy the pine needles scattered along the roadsides. The dust had at least been washed away because it rained last night.

The hubby was game so a quick change of outfit and we were on for a short walk. The Farmboy just behind us to take photographs😅

Yep, I want to rock my new shirt with the gorgeous Ladies of Hive print on it. I intentionally had it printed at the back so people behind me would see. And oops, it also draws attention to my broad shoulder😅

Anyhow, our anyongi was excited as usual and went on with his investigation (sniffing) as soon as I put him down. Accordingly, sniffing is their way of getting to know their environment so we let him do his thing.

A few cars passed by so we just took a few shots and waited for our little guy to play for a little while before we drove away to find a place for lunch.

Most food houses in town are closed during Sundays but we were glad to find a new place which we haven't been to before. We ordered Carbonara and Baked Penne only for the attendant to come back apologizing that they ran out of pasta, lol!

The other dishes on their menu were mostly unavailable too so we ended up having sizzlers, fish sisig for me and pork for the husband plus lemonade for our drinks.


Yeah, the hubby took another shot of my back while we were there, lol! No other customers besides us and the other couple at the next table so it was pretty quiet. Our little boy was well-behaved as usual although he wasn't in the mood to eat something.

The food was flavorful by the way. Our plates were almost clean when we left our table, lol! We probably visit the restaurant again someday for a taste of their pizza and pasta.

We were back home around 2 pm and it took me a good half an hour or so to bathe my boy. Drying him is always the challenge as he hates the hair dryer. He should be getting used to it by now but I think he doesn't like the sound of it.

So yep, that's pretty much how we spent our Sunday. It was different yet the same, lol! Fun too, of course!

Happy weekend, frens!

Photos are my own, courtesy of the husband. 07042024/20:15ph

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Ei, my Loh t-shirt na sya hehe..
Cute tlga alaga nyo hehe

Hehe, noon pa sana 😅 Salamuch sis!


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Love the shirt, broad shoulders and all.😁

Aha! Thank you😁

Ang cute ng dog! At ang ganda ng place 😍

Salamuch sis😍

Happy Monday !LADY

It seems an amazing day for you and your enjoyed it pretty well. The t-shirt also looking good. Foods looking tasty. By the way I am just thinking have you revealed your face yet??

It was a wonderful day. Thank you. And yes, I did reveal my face on my intro post and even used it as my profile pic before. It's now gone 😅

WHOA!!! You surprised us with the t-shirt!!! How inspiring!!!
Very nice!!! We will join you, sis!!!

Global sisterhood!!!

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Happy Weekend to you too 😃

What a great weekend walk, you enjoyed good food and the best company, the t-shirt with the community logo looks great on you. Hugs 🤗

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Thank you Irene. It was nice to be out. A very hot day but was cool to be sheltered by the trees. I have to credit theKittygirl for the fabulous design of the community logo :)

Modeling in style out in the open, puppy in doggy heaven sniffing away a treat when something new!

T-shirt looks great, as did the lunch and outing!


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Hehe, yeah. It was a fun short retreat. Thank you, Joan ❤️ I trust your weekend is going well.

Looked good fun, very smart outfit too....

Cheers @ifarmgirl the shirt looks great for you to enjoy with the ride and relaxing day. A hug.

Thank you, sis. It was nice to be out there for a short while :) Greetings

Looks like an awesome Sunday to you..the look of the food is wonderful and says a lot about the taste
Aww, ur ladies T shirt is beautiful 😍
Nice print... unlike mine
I feel like reprinting mine, haha 😂

It was a wonderful day overall. I was glad the printing turned out nicely. I was worried it wouldn't be good :) Maybe you can have another printed haha.

Mine turned out to be white print out instead of pink, haha 😂

Oh, I thought it might have been the photo :) Mine was sharp, lol! But I think it may fade after a while.

No...not photo at all but an original mistake by the printer lady 😂

That happens :) You can tease her to do it again with a discount 😁

Your dog is adorable!

He is, thanks 😉

Nice color choice for the LOH t-shirt. Thanks for sharing. Take care.


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Thank you, sis! Have a joyful weekend :)

Happy weekend to you.

And to you too! Enjoy the new week as it comes!

The shirt really caught my attention instantly. How do you make the shirt with the inscription of the hive symbol on it

The logo is available in the Ladies of Hive Discord. You can download it if you want to have a shirt printed with it. I found a local printer who printed the logo on the shirt.


That t-shirt is so cute! little by little we will all be all the girls of the hive wearing with pride, the community t-shirt!

Thanks to the fab design by theKittygirl :) I love it!


Your dog is a super cutie, I love the t-shirt, it's perfect. I hope you had a lovely walk...

Many thanks :) Glad to have finally found a print shop. And yes, we had a nice short walk 😊 Hope your weekend is going well.

i immediately noticed the hive logo on the shirt!

That's good!

Your T-shirt is giving❤️❤️❤️
At first, I thought it was the Hive logo

It IS... a Hive Logo!

Yes, the design was made by theKittygirl :)


You got plenty of burdens on those shoulders @ifarmgirl

Surprisingly, I don't feel the weight at all :) I do notice them on photos, haha!

What a fabulous setting for photos! Your shirt looks great and your little companion has the most adorable little face! 😊

Your design is amazing! Thank you 😍

Thank you! @silversaver888 created the design concept, and I turned it into "camera-ready art" for the printing. It was a collaborative effort! 😊

You're both awesome and creative ❤️

Running plays a very special and gracious role in our lives, if we make it a daily routine, it will benefit all of us greatly and thus we all should continue to do it daily. All these are very beautiful.

Yes and unfortunately, I don't run and rarely walk these days 😊



Great shots of teh t-shirt @ifarmgirl! Sounds like a grand adventure for a Sunday afternoon! Looks like it was a lovely day and an unexpected restaurant find as well. Thanks for sharing and have a lovely week!🤗💜

Thank you, Elizabeth :) The day turned out so well hehe. I wish you a wonderful new week too ❤️


Cute cute talaga ni anyongi

Salamuch naman 🐕


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And the sisterhood has your back I see! You rick the shirt and the picture of the furry is the best. Model at hart
Have a great week

Yes, it's awesome to be in the sisterhood :) Thank you lots and cheers to you on this new week 😍

I can imagine your boy whining away as you use that drier on him, he's quite a hairful 😄
Your outing was great and the meal served was a delicacy I can see.

He runs around when I'm drying his hair😅

Yes, we had a nice time, thank you :)




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Thank you very much, I greatly appreciate it. My first time learning about womentribe but I will check it soon. Thanks for your invitation ❤️

Hope you had a nice time at the mass. And hope father-in-law is doing great. For this your hive shirt, I'll think of making myself one of such - it's beautiful

We did, thanks for your wishes. Papa is doing well :) I look forward to seeing your shirt too :) You can download the artwork on LoH discord.

Cheers, !LADY ❤️

Nice shirt 👕 👌



Lovely pictures you have there

Salamuch (Thank you lots) 😍

See me salivating after knowing how good the food was. Interestingly, anyongi stole my attention throughout the post…he looks so cute

Surprised the dog chosed to eat nothing. Extend my wave to him 👋 (lols don't even know if he is she).
Good to always have some time out. Your hive T-shirt looks fitting and yes you do have broad shoulder. Missed out in the meal. Invite me next time.

Enjoy your new week

When he is tired, he won't eat anything. Well, I call him our little boy so it's a he😉 It was nice to be out in there in the woods. It was refreshing. Thanks for the kind words. I'll make sure to give you a ring next time we're off to eat out 😂


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