Commit to Health. QOTW Season 10.6

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What should we be eating to be healthy and vibrant

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Commit to Health


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You are what you eat

  • it's so unequivocally true that it’s difficult to understand why we feed ourselves junk foods. Haha, I know, some are spiced just right to trick your brain into thinking that if they taste so good, they must be great for your body. Of course not! If you want to murder your health live on takeaways.

But takeaways are not the only bad guys. In this age of instant gratification, processed foods have become the norm, foods stuffed with dodgy chemicals, preservatives and “sprayed” with pesticides to keep them looking good on the shelves.

The enemy is the system that panders to our modern desire for perfection and easy living; fewer people grow their own fruits and vegetables and cook their own food than at any other period in the past. This fact is particularly true in developed first world countries where almost everyone is on the gravy train of fast, furious living that offers minimal time for anything but adding to the financial coffers.


_Commit to cooking your own food and growing as much of your own as possible.
_Commit to sourcing suppliers of organic products that are grown without pesticides and growth hormones.
_Commit to eating fewer processed animal products and eating a plant-based diet.
_Commit to replacing at least one cup of coffee or tea per day with grated root-based, filtered tea, such as ginger or turmeric
_Commit to drinking water rather than soft drinks
_Commit to eating fruit for desert
_Commit to eating vegetables when snacking
_Commit to a lifestyle change that will improve longevity and health

If you don’t have much time in your life, investigate meal prepping, which will offer the benefit of pre-planned, ready-chopped meals throughout the week and relieve stress.

If you really can’t grow your own veggies, at least grow something on your kitchen counter, such as sprouts, herbs or micro-greens.

Microgreens are packed with healthy nutrients, which are optimized in the plant due to its youth. These greens make phenomenal sides and are also delicious in salads and soups. The most important thing is that they’re super easy and ridiculously fast to grow. Also, if you utilize waste vegetable trays, you’re contributing to saving the environment. (Winning is not so hard!)

To grow your own microgreens


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_Clean two plastic trays of equal size (lid and base will do)
_Punch holes in one, fit it over the other
_Fill top container with a layer of soil or growing medium
_Sprinkle densely with seeds of your choice
_Keep soil moist until germination occurs ( see instructions on seed packet)
_Water for a week or two every second or third day
_cycle-plant every 2nd day to ensure a steady supply
_In two weeks you’ll have an incredibly healthy source of home grown greens that could actually save the quality of your life.

List of seeds to grow

_ Spinach, radish, broccoli, mustard, lettuce, Arugula, peas, basil. (Google for more)





Images are my own unless otherwise stated (taken using an iPad)

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There are many things I have stopped to live a healthy life such as buying processed food outside, drinking soft drinks since I knew how much sugar I consumed through that etc I love cooking my meals, eating plant-based food often and taking fruits as much as I can. We need to take care of our bodies because when we do, we are trying to look great. Thank you for sharing.

The key is definitely to want to do it and to commit ourselves to eating healthy. Thank you 🙂 Thank you

Definitivamente la clave esta en querer hacerlo y comprometernos a lograr comer sano y saludable. Gracias 🙂

It's so funny how people have knowledge of all these but they can't stop themselves from taking soft drinks or taking junks. I bet the brain enjoys being tricked by the spicy stuff out there. Hehe.

My granny is one of those that grows her own stuff, especially veges. Of course, the taste is always refreshing when she cooks with our. Nice one @itsostylish

Thanks for sharing this on DreemPort.

Wonderful post Stylish... this is going to solve a problem for me... my seedlings have not been doing as well this year so now I feel I am behind the curve for summer harvests...but if I focus instead on micro greens ... then I still have a great healthy growing season ahead of me. !LUV !ALIVE !PIZZA !LOLZ
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Glad that you have a solution 🤗❤️💕

The commitment to health, is more important than most know!
People live in a bubble of, "I'm alive now right"?
I am glad Your giving insight!



I take it that when I get my own house, I'll hav to discipline myself to grow stuff because...😅. I think we are more lazy than we are attracted to healthy meals. If we do get to live in a place where healthy foods are made available, mehn... I don't think I would eat anything less.
Came in through Dreemport