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What do you get if you cross a bullet and a tree with no leaves?
A cartridge in a bare tree.

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How does a computer get drunk?
It takes screen shots.

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Here's a cutout version of Justin for those who want to join in on the roast.


Thanks for the help brother!! xD

Thanks for saving my time my friend! Next round on me!

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Hello Guys, tagging you here because you did a great job in the previous ManStat challenges. Might want to try your hands on this one. xD Should be xD

Lets's go!!

Haha. Awesome. Looking forward to your entry bro. xD

I am looking forward to yours too!

LMAO. Would rather eat poison than the dish he is dishing. xD

Lol, for sure. He's probably cooking another scam up there.

That's a great caption for the pic.

"Cooking up another Crypto Scam" xD

Haha, let's roll with that then xD

Don't just age by number, Age by appearance also.

H.E. Justin Sun Picture

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Oil bottle Modified it to look like a beard oil bottle.
Background image

That line was just made by me for roasting, not by beard oil.


Source of image Rockstar content

Font used "Price Down"

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Logo of Tron

Haha...this is so good.

hahah xD

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