What is the overall health status for Hive?

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I haven't been keeping up with the overall status of Hive. I have noticed all the secondary tokens have declined in value and often rapidly. I look and to me it looks like people may be selling stake and abandoning ship if I go just off of how the values seem to be occurring.


I haven't done the research though so I thought I'd ask those of you that may know.

How are things here in this ecosystem?

Is there an alternative that people are now moving to much like they moved here from steemit?

I posted this primarily in #deepdives because that and a few other communities have grown over the years to be the people I know best. I know you have discerning minds so that is where I choose to place my trust.

Also the downvotes immediately with no comment don't help either. If the platform is in good condition and what I am seeing is due to something else I welcome that as well.


This must be one of those third rail subjects. "Don't you dare ask about the health of Hive!!!?"

Here is what I check usually daily. I've been watching it for years now and I have often wondered "Is something going on?". When it is tied to movements in the rest of the crypto market I can usually explain it. Often it is not though and that is why I am finally asking.


At one point those stakes were worth quite a bit. I've kept staking. Recently I mostly stopped staking and just sell the liquid for paltry sums. I haven't powered down though. The amount of money there is so insignificant that I am not truly considering powering down. I am starting to see spending a lot of time paying attention to it though as something I probably shouldn't bother with at this point.

Before I go that route I wanted to see what some of you had to say.


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I think Hive is no decentralized solution to our needs, not anymore. The childish greed and censorship of a few might be reflected in the declining value of Hive & Hive tokens.
My personal experience, and my reason for not feeling involved with Hive anymore: Most of the interesting writers I discover are made disappear soon after. Maybe I should have a NATO bias, too.....
But Hive is still great if I am really really bored and want to scroll a bit.

btw., as far as I understood, @freebornsociety follows downvote-trails, to then compensate with upvotes. This is maybe why his DVs are minimal....

this is what I understand as well.

Fbs is a tracking account that follows who is flagging what.
If you look on hivetasks you can see the list for yourself.

I don't know why sj is downvoting.

Hive is about average as far as community sentiment is going, but the devs are hard at work and will release some game changing apps in the new year.
Vsc and spk.network are two most prominent and neither can appear too soon for me.

Hive is what it is.
If you don't like how hive is being managed, buy more hive.
That is the only way to change the rules emanating from the top.
It's the crab bucket, if we don't love hive enough to power up managerial amounts of hive, we get no say in the managing.
But, it's been like this from the beginning.

So, same old, same old.
Just another day in the hive.

What is happening with HIVE and HBD seems pretty normal. I am mainly seeing the value of the other 2nd layer tokens decline dramatically. Not just a few. It seems to be happening almost across the board. It made me wonder if some of those people were selling stake.

The new second layer, with its promise of better service, is likely taking the wind from h-e's sails.
I took out almost all of the non-bee assets months ago.
The trading volumes collapsed may '21.
To the point that the bots I bought bee to enable were useless.

I'm seeing a long crab walk at near the bottom, but eventual recovery, presuming new users finally get here.

Where is the new second layer? Do I need to do anything or is what I have moved over to that automatically?

Vsc is the project name, spk.network should go active this year, too.
You won't have to do anything, vsc and spk will put out ui's that will serve as gateways to their services, but those aren't live yet.
Vaultec is the lead on vsc, you could follow him for updates.
Cttpodcast is the source for spk.network.

Thanks for the info.

If you see people powering down with no apparent reason, then probably they are just becoming bored of the same thing.

If you notice any huge powerdown, before passing a judgement please go take a look of there are some things going on that got old-timers powering down.

Other reason is that from day one STEEM or HIVE, the idea of "earn while writing" has always been there.
Things are getting tougher out there and probably you might notice more and more people need to survive more than ever, and regardless of the HIVE value, food still needs to be delivered on the table.

That's my honest take.

I would think AI's new abilities to craft writing in different styles very rapidly is something that makes finding REAL people to read more challenging too.

You sometimes just need to sift through for good writers, just like a lot of crappy books published out there as well.

With AI technology the rise, even video presented are different and harder to recognise.

However crafty the writing is, prompting is still needed with AI writing; and still beats stealing content (like the early days of STEEM).
Those are nothing but scumbags and till now they are still out there.