Are things getting better? More people are becoming aware but is it getting better?

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I see more and more people starting to think for themselves. This is a good thing. However, is it too little too late? I don't know for sure but this particular post may be a bit of a black pill. This just happens to be where my mind went this morning.

We have established rules and behavior for how "civilized" people behave. Most of us are trying to hold onto that.

The problem is that I think that may be what is dooming us at the moment.

We talk about exposing crimes, bringing trials, sharing information that was repressed, etc. Yet that is meaningless if there is no actual accountability and actions from that exposure.

People often these days are saying good sounding things. They are speaking conspiracies that those of us dare speak even a year or more ago would be treated like a nut and called a conspiracy theorist. You also likely would be deplatformed for misinformation. In some countries you would be jailed or fined. Yet we see an increasing number of these theories that were policed in this manner coming out as TRUE. They are no longer theories. That does not restore justice, and make right the people who were falsely imprisoned, fined, fired, or character assassinated for speaking what the authority wanted labeled "misinformation" when really it was the truth and what the authority was pushing was the misinformation/misdirection/lie.

Propaganda 101: "Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth in the minds of the people."

If you see them repeating the same things over and over again like a flood (often almost exactly the same phrasing) then it is likely a propaganda push. They are trying to convince you a lie is true.

Propaganda 102: "Accuse your enemy of that which you are guilty."

This is also known by the name projection. If they are pushing lies and "misinformation" then all they need do is accuse anyone that attempts to question or counter those lies as being the ones pushing "misinformation". That is exactly what they have been doing.

I look around me and while I do see more and more people waking up to the truth. We still are trying to be civilized and play by the rules. Why? That's how we would want to be treated.

The problem is the system that is designed to enforce and protect those rules has been completely compromised and corrupted.

You can see this by the in your face blatant two or even three tier "justice" system out there.

If you pay enough attention you realize the criminals are in charge. They have been for awhile. They use propaganda to take down the people that might actually be the good people we would want in leadership positions.

Weekly, and sometimes daily I see someone saying "We are investigating X", "We are calling for impeachment of Y", "We are subpoena Z", etc. The criminals are fine with this. This goes nowhere they retain the power. We talk. We dance. We put on shows about actions we are taking. Yet none of this actually removes the criminal. None of this curtails the power the criminal is wielding.

Whether you believe it or not. Please consider the implications of the following "What if..."

What if Joe Biden and the Democrats did actually corrupt and steal the election in 2020?

What happened when people asked for investigations, and taking action to prove whether it was legit or not BEFORE the inauguration? They were ridiculed. They were told by a repeated narrative (see 101 above) that it was "The safest and most secure election ever." No investigation was allowed. When evidence was presented the courts often refused to even look at it.

Let's imagine it was actually stolen...

That would mean that for the last 3 years a thief has been wielding power. That would mean the others that also won during this theft have been wielding power.

Meanwhile those that see the crime are speaking, investigating, and subpoenaing... yet the thieves still wield the power.

I've said before if a thief is caught robbing a jewelry store and gets to keep the jewels then the thief won.

I've seen a lot of "Trump won" statements. The correct statement if this was indeed stolen was "Trump should have won". Biden and his cronies have been exercising the power. This means they won. If it was indeed stolen then they won by criminal activity. Yet the prize was still theirs. Talking, accusing, and investigating are meaningless if the criminal gets to keep the prize.

I think they are fine with people speaking, and dancing on a proverbial stage as long as it doesn't actually remove their power.

During the time people have been waking up. Are things getting better or worse? I think they are getting worse. I think it is predominantly because the criminals have infiltrated the halls of power all over the world. They are pushing for something. I have my suspicions as to what that is but it is just speculation based on my part and based upon a lot of thinking and observation.

I think they are intentionally crashing the systems around the world so they can push the United Nations or some other unelected global body as the new WORLD GOVERNMENT here to save the day. Yet these unelected entities are responsible for a lot of the problems. They are essentially doing something similar to poisoning all the food so they can force people to take the antidote they have been stockpiling.

That of course is just the big picture goal. They have a lot of other goals they seem to be pushing for. Depopulation seems to be high on their agenda. Reduced education and critical thinking in the population seems to be an agenda. Turning us into renters of everything and owning nothing. Keeping us dividing into groups and strife between those groups because then we don't pay attention to them or interfere with their actions.

There appear to be a lot of very big lies being pushed and acted upon these days.

You can generally tell which ones they are simply because they are the things you are not supposed to question or challenge.

What now then?


Let us take Hitlery...

A good portion of 100 people have committed suicide around her. Even if she is just "adjacent" to all these deaths, that is highly unusual, and she should be kept away from society for safety sake.

Now, lets say that we could accurately know these things:

Hitlery has personally caused the death of 100 children, basically torturing them to death for adrenochrome.

What do you do about this? What is justice?

Hitlery has helped facilitate the trafficking of 1000 children that would mostly end up dead for adrenochrome manufacture.

What do you do about this? Can we even conceive of justice? Burning at the stake? Drawn and quartered? Resurrection and killed again?

Hitlery has started wars, overthrown govern-cements, ordered people to be killed, for reasons to move along the agenda of the WEF.

Do we put all these narcissists into a large prison to never be let out?
They will never repent. They will never be sorry.
They will never learn their lesson.

But will we?
When someone gaslights us and breaks the law without getting punished...

I am not a fan of prison except for crimes that a short time is compensation and deterant. For PROVEN extreme crimes I don't see making society pay for that person for the rest of their life, allowing them to communicate with and influence society outside of prison, and leaving the opportunity for a crony of theirs to get power and pardon them as a good thing. I am therefore for the death penalty. Not a long drawn out death penalty. A quick one. Yet I do think the PROOF required for such a penalty should be beyond question.

Honestly? The big bastards in charge won. They always win. We're too divided by small rhetoric like Trump vs Biden, Trump vs Hillary, Obama vs Romney etc. Maybe it's standing outside of the US that alters one's perspective, but it seems to me this whole stolen elections issue is nothing but a paravan to maintain, in the collective American mind, the illusion of democracy. Because it supports the narrative that what the average Joe has to say actually matters. When it comes to who gets the driver's seat on this shitshow that is our world, I doubt very much the general man's opinion matters, in the end.

I think they are fine with people speaking, and dancing on a proverbial stage as long as it doesn't actually remove their power.

I get the same impression. I've seen a lot of people "wake up" (very belatedly) to the whole vax/pandemic issue. This seems to me like controlled "insurgence". Of course you're allowed to speak your mind and think whatever, see? (as long as you still play as we want you to in the end)

I hope things are getting better. But, like you, I think they're getting worse.

The election system has been corrupted for a long time. It is just far more so than it has been before. Why not, they get away with it...

That doesn't mean the concept of elections is a bad one. If we were not going to do elections then with tech the way it is now I think pretty much everything could be replaced by...


Allow people to subscribe to the services they want. Allow them to not pay for services they do not want.

Good ideas don't require force.