Vienna at Night 🔥 (Hive Meetup Vienna)

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Am Donnerstag gab es wieder ein chilliges Hive-Meetup in Wien beim Gräzelheurigen. @condeas hat das Meetup großzügigerweise mit 100 Hive unterstützt, die auf die Teilnehmer aufgeteilt wurden, thx. Thema war auch das bevorstehende Hivefest in Spilt in Kroatien und ich überlege diesmal das erste Mal zum Hivefest zu fahren, da es auch in der Nähe wäre und man könnte es auch mit einem Urlaub in Kroatien verbinden. Habt ihr die Ankündigung zum Hivefest schon gesehen, wer fährt hin?


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On Thursday there was another cool Hive Meetup in Vienna at a nice local tavern. @condeas generously supported the meetup with 100 Hive, which was divided among the participants, thx. The topic was also the upcoming Hivefest in Spilt in Croatia and I'm thinking about going to @hivefest for the first time, since it would also be close by and you could combine it with a vacation in Croatia. Have you already seen the announcement about the Hivefest, who is going?

Live your Secrets and Hive Prosper 🍯

xx Viki @vikisecrets


Great! Hope you have a great time... 😁

I wish I could be part of it.😁

I can’t wait to attend a Hive meetup for the first time in my life

What’s a Hive meetup?
Sorry for the question
I’m new😁😁

It's a gathering of hive users. "meet up" means to meet other people.

i hope hivefest will also be held in Asia.

i wish i could join one of the hive meetups.

very nice! i hope you all had a great time.

everyone looks great! enjoy!


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Hive meetups look so amazing

I hope you have fun at the meetup. It would be interesting to see if more people show up now that there is a participation reward.

There were 10 at the meet this time - more than lately before. The table next to us gave us an extra bench to put on the end when more showed up.
WhatsApp Image 2024-05-30 at 21.01.04.jpeg

War super ;-)

I have always been hearing about hive meet-up and I am actually looking forward for the day I will attend one

Having so many hivers in one place is cool. I know that some lithuanians use hive but I never met one. Except for my classmate who l invited him here but he only lasted for about a month...

Few years ago I would have loved to go to hivefest. Now I no longer have that desire. So instead of thinking about Hivefest I choose to buy new glasses. It was about time as well because my current glasses served me about 11 years.

Yeah, new glasses are also cool, the Hivefest fee is a bit cheaper this year, still considering. Would like to see the program first.

Mir ist das Hivefest zu lang ehrlich gesagt. Fast eine Woche? Zudem kriege ich leider keinen Urlaub zu dem Zeitpunkt.
Aber euer Meet up sieht nett aus. 👍🏻

Hab ich mir auch gedacht, so drei Tage würden eigentlich ausreichen, aber man muss ja nicht die ganze Zeit dort sein.

Wow wow wow, I wish I could join, but a whole week for the Hivefest would unfortunately a bit too long for me.Still, it's awesome seeing so many Hivers come together. Enjoy yourselves guys. This is so awesome wow😍😍😍

Wow! Attending a meetup like that and getting to meet your virtual friends in reality, would be very interesting.

Is it happening in Croatia? That's awesome 😎

Ich freue mich sehr, dass ich es zum Meetup geschafft habe und Euch kennen lernen durfte 😊 Mit dem Hivefest klappt es voraussichtlich terminlich nicht; maybe next year.

War nett dich kennen gelernt zu haben. Es war ein gelungener Abend. 😀

Cool, dass du es zum Meetup geschafft hast :) bin noch am Überlegen wg Hivefest, würde zuerst gerne das Programm sehen, was geplant ist.