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This is a dish that is part of my fake it till you make it category. I've never cooked green bean stew before, not because I don't like it, but because I have high expectations when it comes to this type of beans. It's like the lottery, you never know what you're buying. At first glance these can look fresh and just perfect, then when you start to clean them, you find out they are already too old.

Last week I got some wax beans from my dad, that he has been growing in the garden. It was the first harvest and I knew it's fresh and just perfect. My dream came true as the beans were really what I love. I had wax bean soup a week before, so I thought let's try out the stew.


I didn't have a recipe, but it's not rocket science, so I thought about what I would like to get, what to add to it to get the result and here it is what I came up with.



  • 1kg wax beans,
  • 2tbs olive oil,
  • 65g red bell pepper,
  • 75g onion,
  • 3 clove garlic,
  • 2tsp salt,
  • 1tsp red paprika powder,
  • 2 bay leaves,
  • black pepper (optional),
  • 2tbs all purpose flour,
  • 100ml milk
  • little vinegar.



First trim the edges of the wax beans and break them into small pieces. The size of the pieces is up to you, as you wish to see them in your plate. Wash then and put them aside.


Cut the pepper and onion in small pieces. I used two types of onions as it gives the dish a better flavor. Heat the olive oil in the pen, add the pepper and saute till it's soft. Add the sliced garlic and saute for another minute or two.


Add the red paprika powder, stir well, then add water. Make sure not to burn the paprika as it becomes bitter.


Finally, add the beans, salt, pepper, bay leaves and water to cover. Put on the lid and on medium heat, cook till it's tender.

In a bowl, mix the flour with milk, then add to the stew. Stir till the flour starts to thicken. Add salt if it's needed and finally, add vinegar.


You can serve it as it is, but never hurts to add some extra, to make it more delicious, I decided to serve it with a sunny egg, sprinkled with some French spices and some grilled sausage. You can serve it with a slice of toast as well, but for me that was just for the photo as I don't eat bread.

This is a light summer dish, that you can actually cook during winter too, if you can buy fresh beans (at a reasonable price), or you can also use frozen ones as the result is almost the same. By the way, any type of beans is good and also, as spices, if you don't like bay leaves, you can use something else.

I was a bit hesitant to use bay leaves for this dish as I've never used it for beans, but the two go well together. I'm not sure how it would go with a bean soup, but never hearts to try it out. We are usually using parsley, but I didn't have fresh parsley, not that I regret it.


Now that I tried this dish out, I'm thinking of making it regular, especially during winter, when frozen beans are available.

If you're a newbie, you may want to check out these guides:



How nice that you received these beans and that they turned out well; certainly as you say, many times we buy products that look good and when we go to prepare them, it turns out that inside they are not as we expected. Your recipe looks very good; here in Venezuela, at least in my area Cumana, you can get green beans and we call them "vainitas".

I'm glad you have these beans in your area. It's a good vegetable, especially for soups. I didn't know how it's called over there, so I learnt something today.

Congratulations on your new achievement of "fake it until you make it". 😊😊 Reading it, you did a great job of cooking the wax bean. 😊

Thank you @fixyetbroken. I did my best 😂

You're welcome. 😊😊 The evidence is clear.😅


Oh dear @erikah friend!... I'm trying to lose weight, but looking at this post made me run to my kitchen to look for something to eat!... hahaha :)) An excellent recipe post and (wow) great way to photograph dishes!... I liked it!

!discovery 40

Thank you my dear friend and sorry for interfering with your diet 😂

You can have this, even if you're trying to lose weight, just don't eat the sausage.

Thanks for stopping by and have a nice day 😊

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That looks like an amazing dish. Glad you took the chance and made it. My wife likes to experiment wiht dishes to and they usually turn out pretty darn good.

Hello Joe! Thank you! The truth is, cooking is all about experimenting and I love it. The heat is stopping me from cooking regularly now, but I still trying to, from time to time.

When I see the food in your dish, I get an appetite. Moreover, nuts are one of my favorite foods.
You succeeded in giving me and my other friends an appetite :))

I hope you have something to eat after you got a healthy appetite looking at my photos 😂

now I have started to eat a lot, after seeing your food photos 😁

That looks appetizing and with your father's home-grown green beans, one senses that it doesn't taste the same as what you buy anywhere. At least it does for me with everything I grow in my backyard.


You're right, it doesn't taste the same and only those know this, who are growing their own food. I'm glad you have a backyard and can grow some things. It's a big help.

I love beans, here we know them as vanitas, a dish that immediately whetted my appetite, really a beauty. And certainly it is in bad taste when we buy and we see it so beautiful on the outside that when we go to prepare them, inside they are damaged. Greetings and success

This is why I love Hive, you always learn something new. Now I know how you call these beans. And yes, unfortunately it happens to get disappointed with what you buy and beans are high up on the list, because if you don't harvest them in time, they are not good anymore.

I love summer beans cooked this way! LOVE IT! I actually had it last Friday at my mom's! Yummy as always!
I think bay leaves go wonderful with beans, also I love it with potatoes.

I hope you're well! hugs from Ar 😘

Hello lovely lady! 🥰 Long time no a as life is keeping me too busy these days. I'm glad you like it, it's a common dish and very delicious too.

I also love bay leaves and as you said with potatoes mostly, but with tomato sauce as well. One of my favorite spices.

Hugs to you too and I hope everything is ok with you and family. Many hugs to you too 🤗 ❤️

Honestly to me this fish looks super good and well balanced, veggies and proteins, it remind to me some German traditional dishes.

I tried to make it balanced and I see why you mention German dishes. They like sausage too 😊

Looks yummy! The bowl and colors make it feel like a fall/winter dish but I agree it is best in the summer when you can get beans fresh from the garden.

Interesting observation about the bowl and you're right. Those leaves make it look like a winter dish. It could easily be a winter dish as well, if you're using frozen beans but it can't be compared with the fresh ones, that's for sure.

I know that salivating while reading someone's Hive post is silly and immature, but that's what's happening to me right now. I'm definitely trying out your recipe this week, so many thanks for the inspiration. And yes, "fake it until you make it" is my favourite philosophy of cooking.

(as a side note, I think the dish would be even better if you sprinkled it with chopped green onions, but that's just me.)

It is not silly at all and that means you like what you see and it makes me happy 😉 especially that you want to try it out. I hope you will like it 😊


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Many thanks @sirenahippie.

I’m an African not sure I can get the ingredients in the market but I’m sure I can get my hands on some in our international market. It looks so tasty, Glad you dropped the ingredients.

I'm not sure what you can buy or grow in Africa, but if you have access to frozen veggies, you may find wax beans.

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