Visiting The Hunter VIP Guesthouse And Restaurant

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This week I've been busy with foreign guests and among other things, we went on some trips, among which we visited the Hunter VIP guesthouse and restaurant, which has been recommended to me by many. Seems like the nicest in the region and I can confirm, you won't regret visiting it.

Hunter VIP.jpg

The place is situated on the Gurghiului street in Reghin, Mures county, at a short drive from the main road. At the time of our visit it was raining, I was busy with translating from one language to another (we spoke four languages at the table, of which I was responsible for three) and forgot to take photos outside.


The interior is a nice rustic one, which will make you feel like you are in a big hunting cabin. There was that nice wine rack that would attract any eye, regardless if you drink or not.


I don't drink, or just occasionally, but could not take my eyes off that rack. The reason was not the alcoholic beverage offer, but how the rack looked like.


This I believe is a Wurlitzer Jukebox, which is not something you see much around here. I should have picked a song and try it out, but it wasn't the right occasion.


The restaurant is pretty big and they have a covered outside space as well, which can host as many people as the restaurant. At the time of our visit it was raining and was pretty cold too, so there was no question where we're going to stay. On another day, it would have been nice to sit outside and enjoy all the greenery surrounding the place.


They have standard, four seat tables and bigger ones as well, depending on the visitors' preferences.


I started with a hot tea because it was cold and I have a flu. What they brought me was a very nice Earl Grey with lemon, which is my favorite tea by the way. I don't use sugar or honey in my tea, but the lemon was nice.


They have pretty much everything what you need on the menu, excluding exotic dishes of course. This time I opted for French fries with crispy chicken and cabbage salad and I can tell you, it was a good choice. The chicken was really crispy, the French fries were good and the salad very tasty.


This was ratatouille with oven baked potatoes sprinkled with rosemary. It looked really good, so it's on my list for next time I visit.


Grilled chicken breast with French fries and grilled mushrooms with cheese. Nothing special, except the mushrooms, I would taste those next time. But till then, I can make my own at home as it's not a big deal.


Same thing here, plus a mixed vegetable salad.

If anyone has a look at the food, you may say it's junk because most of it is fried in oil, except for the grilled stuff and you may be right, but I only eat this kind of food at the restaurant, I don't make it at home.


Last, but not least, the dessert. This is papanași, a Romanian dish that you don't want to miss.


It is a big doughnut, covered with berry jam, sour cream and comes with another, small doughnut on top.

Papanași is doughnut-shaped with the doughnut hole on top. The dough is made with a soft cheese such as urdă, substitutes include ricotta and cottage cheese. Papanași are served covered in crème fraîche or heavy cream or sour cream, and topped with sour cherries or jam or preserves.

Papanași dough can be fried, as a "doughnut", or boiled, as a dumpling, like large gnocchi.

Ingredients: semolina or wheat flour, urdă or ricotta or cottage cheese, rum or lemon zest or orange zest, preserves or cherries, sour cream or crème fraîche, vanilla, eggs, sugar, salt, butter, baking soda. source

One serving comes with two doughnuts, but we were full, so we ordered two servings on four plates. I love this dessert, it's heavenly good.

Overall, it was a nice experience. The place is lovely, the stuff was extremely polite and ready to help, whatever we asked and the food was good. Decorating the plates would need a bit of a work (except for the dessert), but that doesn't man the food was not good and I love how they decorated the plates.

If you're a newbie, you may want to check out these guides:



The interior sure looks great, the meals look tasty, and I'm sure they tasted so as you had already affirmed.

Yes, everything was good.

The environmental is so attractive and the food? It looks so yummy 😋

I wonder how it would be transplanting 3 language in a gathering.

Well, it's not easy, but if you speak all of them frequently, you manage.

The environment is really nice, the food especially chicken with cabbage salad is always good, I love taking tea with lemon or ginger whenever am cold.

I'm glad you like it.

Papanași looks delicious! I will definitely be having that if I ever see it on a menu. Ratatouille looks good too. We have that sometimes when we want to cook something together. It takes time and prep but is yummy.

You definitely have to taste it as you won't regret it. I need to try out ratatouille at some point as I don't think I had any so far.

The place looks super and the food too, do hard having a multi language conversation, you must be super busy translating but not enough for didn't enjoy the yummy food I bet 💕

Ay Erikah, amiga, you made me want to drink wine and eat that Romanian dessert. I think I can do something similar here with a jam, yoghurt and a doughnut... but I would change the whole recipe hahaha.... I know, I'm a danger when it comes to cooking.

Papanași (papa-nani-si)

The ambience of the place is excellent ajja and do not worry, I do not drink but I could not help but see the picture of the wine rack, it looks great plus it feels like out of place, it is strange but manages to capture the attention completely.

Out of place? Why? It's a restaurant where people drink usually 🙂

I did not say out of place because of the context but because of where it is located but because it attracts a lot of attention.

Thank you.


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