Fried Green Tomatoes: three tasty ways to "cheat"

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About 90% of the appetizers in restaurants are LOADED with gluten. Breaded and fried (and freaking delicious) they are all off limits to me!

After going keto, even MORE is off limits to me! But today, I was determined to get some satisfaction!!!

Fried green tomatoes are a Southern addiction! The unripe tomatoes have a firm, almost Granny Smith-like green apple tartness. Breaded, fried, and salted...mmmm they're perfection!

As a gluten freek, I can actually eat these! Because they are breaded in corn meal..but as a keto fanatic... NOPE!

Corn meal has way too many carbs.. so we went to the drawing board and experimented three ways!!!

Come check out the cool twist that I put on Fried Green Tomatoes! It's a merge of that PLUS another Southern addicting'll never guess... but WOW!! it's a new win for sure!!!

What do you think??? Up for some new bold flavors ??? hehehe You might be surprised!

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thank you @ecency!! hehehe

Good to see you are okay Dreemie 😊.. I don't like gluten too.. This looks great

ahhh really??? then maybe you'll enjoy this treat! hehehehe

gluten - i love it - but my body says no more! ahahaha

I love it too before..not anymore now 🤣. The sign of aging lol

Great video. I didn't think about fried tomatoes, my wife often does homemade onion rings. Avoiding Gluten is a high priority in my diet too.

ohhhhhhhhh i've made delicious homemade onion rings! they are the best I've ever had!!!
I'll have to find the recipe for you and send it. the secret is potato starch. mmmmmmm they are so yummy!!! hehehehe

You pull the messy look off well 😂💗I love these vids of yours. Chilled, fun, informative, casual. So...vegan fried green tomatoes... (because ... me... hahaha)
... and go! 😂 !LOLZ !LUV

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hahahahaha well - these weren't vegan cuz of the mayo

I'm not sure if we will still have green tomatoes LOl but if we do - we'll have to give it a try! hahha

!LOLZ... we may have to drop the pork rinds too... I guess I'll have some green tomato with my almond batter hahaha

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Too many cheetahs.

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Never had them but you make them look so good!

mmmmmmm they were so so yummy! hehehehe you'll have to try them! :)

I will!!!

A lot of cheat ways around food, sorry you can't eat gluten🤧
eating a large plate of pasta 🍝

hahahahah seki!!! why are you torturing me! hahaha

actually gluten free pasta is really delicious these days. I can't even tell the difference anymore! hahaha

but - since I'm keto now too... hahahah no pasta for a while

unless i'm on a cheat day LOL

Torturing you?😂😂 I wouldn't dreem of it😂😂🍝.

Sometimes it isn't good to cheat🤧😂😂😂💔

That's lovely
I am gonna give a try and see if it will taste nice

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ahhhh you should definitely try! hehehe its yummy for sure! hehehe

This is not fair! It's late, I'm already in bed but now I'm very hungry!!!


hahahahahaha its ok - now its early for you! wake up and go make some! hahahahahaha


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fry the green tomatoes in bacon grease.