Hive Photography Contests (January 16 - January 22)

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There are a lot of cool photography contest on Hive. A lot of them are organised weekly. Some of them have the same or recurring themes where others have new subjects every week.
It's fun to compete in them and you can even win some upvotes, Hive or other tokens.

Since it's difficult to keep track of all of them creating this weekly blog post in which I sum up all these photography contests.
The table below shows the different contests and links to the contest post of this week.
Be sure to check the date because some end sooner than others.
I've also included a short description, the rules and the prizes you can win in this post.

If you have any other photography contests that can be added to the list or have any other comments, please let me know.


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Weekly photography contests

SubjectStarted onOrganisorLink
Around The World: Challenge - #36/313-01-2023bucipuci
CCC's Street Art Contest #127 100% Liquid Payout and ecency points as Prize Pool & Winners of #12615-01-2023digi-me
POBphotocontest New Round: Neighbourhood walk15-01-2023friendlymoose
Winners Drone Pic of the Week Contest 4014-01-2023ksteem
Shadow Hunters/SMASh Contest Round 25213-01-2023melinda010100
MONOMAD - January 15th - Please Read The Contest Rules Before Submitting Your Publications.15-01-2023monochromes
Feathered Friends - Show Me A Photo Contest Round 10115-01-2023nelinoeva
Reflection Hunters Contest ~ Round 98 ❄️ Announcement!15-01-2023olgavita
Appreciate Beauty of Nature with @phortun: round 15112-01-2023phortun
📸 PhotoFeed Contest - Macro Photography Winners + Round 1115-01-2023photofeed
Qurator's Photo Quest Multiple Exposure13-01-2023qurator
Welcome To The 'Love The Clouds' Contest! #16214-01-2023tobetada
I love to travel - TRAVEL CONTEST #140 and winners from CONTEST #135 - People on the Street10-01-2023travelcontest
Decorations - TRAVEL CONTEST #141 and winners from CONTEST #136 - Holidays13-01-2023travelcontest
Fibonacci - TRAVEL CONTEST #142 and winners from CONTEST #137 - Travel Clouds16-01-2023travelcontest


Some of last weeks winning photos

Here's an overview of some of last weeks winners of the different contests.

PhotoFeed Contest - Macro Photography

Photo by @akukamaruzzaman

Around The World Challenge

Photo by @new.things

Monomad B&W

Photo by @jlinaresp


Rules and prizes

All the different contests have different rules and prizes. I've collected the rules and prizes from their announcement posts.
Sometimes the organisers change the rules and prizes, so please inform me if anything needs to be corrected.


ProofOfBrain Photocontest


  • You create a post containing a photo of the subject for this round.
  • It's important that the photographs you submit are made by you.
  • It can be a new photo or one from your archive.
  • Add a few words describing your photo; what you photographed, why you photographed it and maybe what settings you used, so others can learn from it.
  • You are allowed to send in one photo and the first photo in your post will count.
  • You need to add the hashtag #pobphotocontest to your post.
  • Finally put a link to your post in the comments.

The top 3 wil receive 50,30 or 20 POB tokens as wel as 100, 50 or 25 Ecency points.


Qurator Photo Quest

This Photo contest is organised by the @qurator account on a weekly basis.
The contest starts on Fridays with a new subject.


  • Only photography-related posts.
  • Only the first image of your post will be considered as your entry
  • Use the #qurator tag.
  • Mention the Photo Quest competition in your post title or somewhere in your post.
  • Post your link as a comment in this post to officially enter.
  • Posts cannot be older than this post.
  • Your entry will not count if you aren't following the above-mentioned rules.
  • All entries will be reviewed by the Qurator team.
  • Only one entry per week.
  • Deadline: 12 hours before this post reaches payout.
  • Can't win 1st place two times in a row.

1st Prize 50% upvote
2nd Prize 30% upvote
3rd Prize 15% upvote
Honorable mentions 5% upvote


Photography Lovers Contest

This is the official photocontest of the Photography lovers Community. You can join as an amateur or a pro. It isn't organized every week.


  1. NO PLAGIARISM! Can't stress this one enough...
  2. Create a post for the contest. Your post MUST state that it is an entry for this contest and must link back to the contest. If you are just dropping posts here as entries and they do not specifically say they are for this contest, they will be ignored.
  3. Share your post in the comment section of this post, along with one of your photos.
  4. You have 6 days from the announcement to make your entry. On the 6th day, the entries will be judged and winners will be announced, so make sure to get your entry in before time runs out.
  5. Your post must be submitted to the Photography Lovers Community. If it is posted to any other community, it will be ignored.

1st - 15%/10% Beneficiary (Pro/Amateur)
2nd - 10%/8% Beneficiary (Pro/Amateur)
3rd - 8%/5% Beneficiary (Pro/Amateur)


PhotoFeed Theme Contest


The Photfeed is a weekly contest organised by @PhotoFeed in the eponymous community.
Every week there will be chosen another subject.


  • 1x image per user
  • Post your image below in the comments
  • No nudity
  • Only your own images

Photofeed will provide 15 HIVE for each round. The prize pool can increase if people Tip on the announcement post.

1st place 33% = 5 Hive + Tip
2nd place 26% = 4 Hive + Tip
3rd place 20% = 3 Hive + Tip
4th place 13% = 2 Hive + Tip
5th place 6% = 1 Hive + Tip


Monomad Black and White Challenge

The Monomad Black and White challenge is a daily photography contest organised by @monochromes
You can actually submit any subject as long as it’s in Black and White.

Post your entries in the Black And White Community (ELIMINATORY FACTOR).
Clearly mention the #monomad challenge in your post title or post body. For example: "This is my entry for the #monomad challenge" (ELIMINATORY FACTOR).
At least 50% of the submitted post, including the first image, needs to be black and white (ELIMINATORY FACTOR).
Use the #monomad tag (ELIMINATORY FACTOR).
Every photograph must be yours. Plagiarism will be immediately reported (ELIMINATORY FACTOR).
Reusing previously posted images will be treated as content recycling and it will be reported as well (ELIMINATORY FACTOR).
We reserve the right to change the contest rules at any given time without further notice.

FIRST PLACE 100% Upvote
THIRD PLACE 50% Upvote




The Seaphotography by @marc-allaria is a weekly returning contest with typical subjects as sunsets, boats, animals etc.

1- Post your photography on #Seaphotography community, Mention "SEAPHOTOGRAPHY CONTEST WEEK#..." on the title.
2- Upvote this post announcing will increase the rewards given to winners... So your upvote is welcome !
3- Write a few words about your photography indicating the place, the exif, or any others informations that the photographer will judge useful. English, French, Spanish, Turkish, Arabic, Marsian, all languages ​​are accepted. However, an English translation in a parallel column could be usefull for everyone ...
5- The photography can be submitted from Monday to Saturday midnight. Only one photography per contest and per author will be considered.

HDB rewards of the Submission post will be divided as follow:
WINNER - 50% + 700 Ecency points
MENTION - 10% + 100 Ecency points



This is a biweekly contest by @uwelang in which you need submit a photograph of…..the sun!


  • Post photography, video or written content covering the topic SUN
  • Use the tag #SunThursday as your first tag
  • Add link to your submission in the comments on THIS post
  • Consider to "vote&reblog" this post to spread the contest (not mandatory but it might help)
  • Only original (your own) content will qualify


  1. Prize: 3 Hive
  2. Prize: 2 Hive
  3. Prize: 1 Hive


Shadow Hunters Contest

This is a weekly photography contest organised by @melinda010100.
The subject remains the same: shadows.


  • Place your entry link in the comment section of this post !
  • The photos must be your own.
  • One entry per Person. Be fair to everyone and do not enter from more than one account
  • The title of your post should make clear that it is an ~ Entry for the Shadow Contest.
  • Post into the
  • the Shadow Hunters Community
  • hive-179017
  • If you create a post with multiple shadow photos, you should state which one is your entry, otherwise I will assume it is the first photo.
  • Please use 👉 #Shadows as one of your first 5 tags.

Hive, upvotes and tips
Ecency poins
Archon tokens


Feathered Friends - Show Me A Photo Contest

A weekly contest by @nelinoeva that always has a subject that includes birds.


  • The photo must be your own.
  • Post in the community Feathered Friends
  • You may add more photos, but you should state which one is your entry, otherwise the first will be taken into account.
  • Tell us something about your photo/s. Use at least 100 words to describe your photo/s.
  • Your photo must follow the weekly theme, which will be announced each Sunday.
  • Please put the link of your entry in the commment section of the contest post here.
  • Put in the title of your post that this is an entry for the contest. (Optional)
  • Use #smap as a tag.

Five winners and each winner will receive 2 Hive or 2 HBD (it depends on the price of Hive) and 100 Ecency POINTS.


CCC’s Street Art Contest


This contest is organized by @digi-me in the Streetart community where you can submit photos of all different forms of street art.


  • Competition open to all.
  • No reuse of previous photos
  • Upvotes and reblog are appreciated to boost post payout for the winners but not a claim.
  • Only street art-related posts and remember to tell us where you found it.
  • It's not about posting a picture of the largest mural or done by one of the most famous artists. The winners will be judged based on art that has an appeal to us. (visuel, message etc.)
  • Mention the CCC's Street Art Contest in your post title or somewhere in your post.
  • Post your Street art picture and link as a comment in this post to officially enter.
  • Posts cannot be older than this post.
  • Only the first photo in your post will be evaluated for the competition.
  • Only one entry per week.
  • Deadline: 2 hours before this post reaches payout.
  • Your entry will not count if you aren't following the above mentioned rules.

100% of all liquid payout shared among 3 finalists!
1st Prize 50%
2nd Prize 30%
3rd Prize 20%


FOTOCELF Photography Contest


The @celfmagazine project promotes and rewards artistic creation on the Hive blockchain.
They organize a two-weekly photography contest


  • Only one (1) participation per user will be allowed, you can choose to participate in the first or the second week (it doesn't matter).
  1. Publish your post in our community using the tag #fotocelf.
  2. Leave the link to your post in a comment in this publication.
  3. Give reblog to the contest post.

The participation can be a single photo or a series of photos. These must be original and unpublished on the Hive blockchain and must include a brief written review in order to better understand your participation and the technical, conceptual and/or referential aspects of your work.

Medium Quality: will receive the vote of @camiloferrua.
Medium/High Quality: will receive the vote of @camiloferrua and @celfmagazine.
High Quality: will receive the vote of @camiloferrua, @celfmagazine, @aliento and @theycallmedan.

As a final prize the three (3) best works will win 20 Hives each.


Love the clouds


This contest of @tobetada is not only for photography, but it’s mostly photographs of clouds that people send in.


  • Upvote and resteem the contest OR Upvote and promote the contest with a link
  • Make a comment with a link of your work below this post
  • All of the submitted works must be original and made by you!
  • Only 1 entry/post per person
  • Post in the 'Love The Clouds Community' or use the #lovetheclouds tag

There will be 3 finalists chosen by the community in an upcoming post entitled "Love The Clouds Finalists?", so be sure to vote if you are a community member!
Each finalist will receive their equal share of the Hive liquid payout !
Additionally there will be four honorable mentions who will each get a 50% upvote


Reflection Hunters Contest

A weekly photography contest organized by @olgavita with the subject reflections.


🔆Place your entry link in the comment section of this post.
🔅The photos must be your own.
🔅One entry per person.
🔅The title of your post should make clear that it is an ~ Entry for the Reflection Hunters Contest.
🔅Post in the 👉 Shadow Hunters Community
🔅If you create a post with multiple reflection photos, you should state which one is your entry, otherwise I will assume it is the first photo.
🔆Please use 👉 #Reflections as one of your first 5 tags.


The prizes for this contest may vary.
Winners often receive some Hive and/or Ecency poins.
Every Honourable Mention gets Ecency points as well.


Travel Contest


The travel photography contest is hosted by @travelcontest / @lightcaptured
Every round has a different subject, but always travel-related.


  1. One entry per person.
  2. To enter, upload your photo(s) and text into the comment section below. There's no need to create a separate post.
  3. In order to be considered, an entry should consist of at least one photo and your personal story/info/memory.
  4. All the photos you use to enter the contest must be your own and taken by yourself.
  5. All the text you enter must be written by yourself in English.
  6. Deadline: One week starting from the datetime of the contest announcement.
  7. No NSFW content.


  • One Winner will be set as 40% beneficiary of the post including the winners announcement.
  • One Honorable Mention will be set as 10% beneficiary of the post including the winners announcement.
  • All winning and mentioned accounts will be followed, periodically reviewed and their best works upvoted.


Around the World Challenge


A photo challenge hosted by @bucipuci where you can share photos from all around the world.


  • use the #aroundtheworld tag only on a single competition photo article
  • insert the link to the article with the competition photo in the comments section of this article!
  • The competition photo must (!) be your own and have in the caption where it was taken
  • Only one photo from each competitor will be included in the competition
  • If your article contains more than one photo, please tag (eg "this is a contest photo") the photo you want to place in the contest
  • Only photos showing places in your area or places from your holiday have a chance to choose
  • (kitchens or gardens are interesting but not for this competition)


First prize ... 1.5 HBD
Second prize ... 1 HBD
Third prize ... 0.6 HBD

If your contest photo is part of the daily report for ACTIFIT, I will add the following prices:
First prize ... 100 AFIT
Second prize ... 60 AFIT
Third prize ... 40 AFIT


Appreciate Beauty of Nature with @phortun

A photo challenge hosted by @phortun where you can share nature photos you recently took.


  • Only one entry (photo) per person per round.
  • The photo must be yours and not older than one week.
  • Add a few words about the photo, at least where and when you took it.


Full upvote for the 3 best photos.


Drone Pic of the Week Contest

This weekly contest is organised by @ksteem in the Drone community (@hive-186141).
You can sumbit photos taken by drones, but also with other Remote Controlled vehicles like cars and boats. And you can also submit photos of a drone.


  • You must be a member or Join the Drone community.
  • You must post in the Drone community and have Drone as the first tag.
  • It must be Drone/RC car, Plane, Robot, or related post.
  • Optional; Place "Drone Pic Contest" in the subject or body.


Top 3 three posts and the winners will each receive 200 Ecency points.
Runners up or Honorable Mentions may receive some Ecency points as well.


Lifeskills-TV Contest


A weekly contest with different subjects every week organized by @Lifeskills-TV


  • The photo must be your own.
  • Tell us something about your photos.
  • Post in the community Food & Travel
  • Your photo must follow the weekly theme.
  • Put the link of your entry in the comment section of the contest post.
  • Put in the title of your post that this is an entry for Lifeskills-Tv Contest.
  • Use #lifeskills-tvcontest as a tag.

Three winners and 350 Ecency points will be distributed among the winners. 1st Place 200 Ecency points, 2nd Place 100 Ecency points and 3rd Place 50 Ecency points.




Photographing is my passion. Although I like photography in general, nature photography is one of my favourite subjects. I often go out with my camera for a hike to capture the beauty of nature.


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