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What Are You An Expert At?

No this is not a loaded question. Think about the things you have always been good, and the things you want to get good at. Now pick 1 thing and become an expert. This sounds easier than it is or maybe it is more simple than we think.

If we are building our online business, using list building and content creation to pull people towards us. What will our offering be? What is that one thing that we can monetize?

Is It Simple?

As simple as PSO, Problem, Solution, and Outcome. If we are just looking for ListNerd tokens earned by verified emails then no problem. If we want to build a business then this PSO formula becomes very important

Problem: What is the main problem of your audience?

Solution: What is the solution that can be offered?

Outcome: What is the result of the solution to your audience.

These are the things that we will get into in tonight’s ListNerd’s Live.

Thanks for hanging out and working with me.

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