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Building an Online Business is a Challenge

Even though it is a challenge, the rewards are pretty awesome. When I worked at Walmart, my schedule was not my own, in fact, many times it would change with no more than a couple of hours’ notice. This really was no way to live.

Let’s take my online business, for example, I make my own hours, set my own appointments, and essentially have a lot more freedom than if I was working a daily job. Plus the reward time ratio is much better.

Don’t Get Me Wrong…

I still have to put my time in and do certain things every day if I want the income to continue to flow. That being said it never hurts to take a couple of days every now and then and take off to Disneyland. Days like that are a lot of fun.

Build Your Brand Build Your Business

Building your brand is of the utmost importance whether your business is on or offline, your brand is everything.

I have been seeing a lot of busted emails on Listnerds, and thought I might take you all through a Listnerds HTML refresher real quick, to try and help out.

Thank you all for your time.

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Awesome Chris, gonna catch the re-run cos of the time difference.

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