Stock Images: let's talk about #freeimageshare

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Recently the team at Stock Images has been checking in on the #freeimageshare tag more regularly, in order to promote the community and thank the users of stock images from the Hive creators. We realise that it can be a bit confusing how this tag should be used, so hopefully I can clarify this a bit today. If it's still not very clear what this part of the project aims to do, then please do ask questions in the comments and we shall attempt to clarify.


The #freeimageshare tag initiative is an attempt to bring awareness to the broader Hive community that stock images exist here for their use. The #freeimageshare tag should be used if you use an image that was created by another Hive user for use by others. When you use someone else's image you should always credit the creator of the image. These are the two things we look for if you've tagged #freeimageshare on your post.

For example, @vrezyy likes to use dividers provided by other Hive creators. This week they used some from @thepeakstudio in their Splinterlands battle post. You'll notice that they have credited all their image sources at the bottom of the post and even given a small beneficiary to @thepeakstudio for the divider use. We encourage you to add a beneficiary, because the chances are that if your post is of good quality and you are using the #freeimageshare tag correctly, your post will get curated by one of the community moderators. This will have been down to you using that image, so why not pay it forward?

Someone else who found the perfect image for a blog post this week was @crosheille. Who'd have thought that @gamessteam's eggs would have been perfect for expressing an emotional dilemma! You'll notice that @crosheille has credited the creator directly beneath the image, while also using the #freeimageshare tag. She chose to add @gamessteam as a beneficiary as well.

I hope this description and the examples have made things a little clearer as to how the #freeimageshare tag should be used and thank those who have taken the time to use Hiver images and use the tag correctly.

If you would like to use some attractive dividers in your own posts, have a look at the divider selection we have in Stock Images. You might find something you like there.

Images can also be found in our index or via the search feature.

PS: if you are contributing images please use the tag #hivestockimages not #freeimageshare

Thumbnail background image courtesy of @freepix from @chrislybear.


Awesome! Glad more and more people start using the community!

Very clear information.
Thanks @hive-118554 for the appreciation and thanks also to @crosheille for adding me as a beneficiary

Very much appreciated 🤗😊

This was clearly explained and will hopefully be helpful to those who were unsure of how to use the tag.

I was so excited with how well @gamessteam’s photo went with my story. I’m truly thankful for the contributors we have ~ 😊

this is very useful information, and explained very completely, thank you @hive-118554