Staking LARYNX

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I'm not sure what I'm doing...but I received my airdropped LARYNX and I'm staking them right now...
Follow the instructions to get your airdrop here.
Be patience, the wallet is a little bit weird and doesn't display your LARYNX for a while but it's just a matter of time that they will appear...

If you want to learn more about SPK network, read the lightpaper here.
Take it as a present for being part of HIVE!!!


I got mine locked/Staked as well, it didn't reflect staked but I think one have to be patient like you mention.

Happy staking bro, successful days ahead!

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I got mine and staked. Now it says I have nothing. I'm sure it will work itself out. Im not sure if I should have staked because I don't really understand how I will earn but Im sure that will reveal itself as well

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There seems to be some problems in the system, like others I have been told to be patient but it doesn't seem to work - guess we all tried to hit refresh at the same time and took the service down :)

here's an unpopular opinion: can you sell them ? : P

Seems so, there’s a market

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