I was embarrassed for her

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It's nice to be here again, hope we all had a beautiful Valentine's celebration yesterday. One of the prompts for this week got me smiling because it brought back a memory although not funny when it happened it's something I can laugh about now. It's always advisable to do things in a small and advisable way but there are some of us especially ladies who like to exaggerate when it comes to dressing. Reasons best known to those that are involved in such acts.

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I had a friend some time ago who loved extravagant lifestyles, she doesn't like the word "cutting one's coat to one's size". She believes the world revolves around only her and everything is based on a fake lifestyle. She does see me as an SU so to speak, someone who is so Godly and doesn't know how the world out there is but that's not true, I'm just taking a step at a time knowing fully where I was coming from and going. The kind of training I had when growing up doesn't permit me to involve myself in such acts because to me "a good name is to be chosen rather than great riches".

There was a birthday party for a friend that we were invited to, I made up my mind to go because I didn't want to disappoint the celebrant who specially invited me. My friend, Peju (real name withheld) was already looking for clothes to wear, the bag and shoes that matched. She was deliberating if she should plait her hair or use a wig instead, I was forced to ask her, "Are you the celebrant?". She replied, "I'm not, but I have to look good for the party, I am a big girl, you know that". I nodded in agreement because one thing I dislike so much is arguing with her, she never understands.

The day of the birthday party arrived and when I got to her place, she wasn't ready yet, she had finally done her hair. I was like "Wow!", she had to rush to the bathroom when she heard my voice, took her bath, and rushed out. I sat in her room waiting for her, and then she asked, "I'm thinking of wearing this material gown, do you think it's okay?", pointing to a red colored gown she was holding towards me. "Put it on let's see", I replied. She wore the red gown she showed me but to me, it was too tight, I felt she wouldn't be comfortable in the dress. I called her attention to it but it's like she loved how tight it was so I had no choice but to let her satisfy herself.

She did her makeup and wore accessories like she was the celebrant, I was just wondering and asked her," Are all these necessary?", pointing to all she was putting on. "Yes my dear, as a lady you have to look good, okay? Try and apply a little makeup", she replied and said to me. I replied no and stood up to be on my way out. On our way to the party, she wasn't comfortable as she walked but I didn't ask her about it, since she chose the dress, I will let her decide if she would go back to change it or not. Luckily, the venue for the party is a trekkable distance, we don't have to board a car there, so she can still go back.

She walked majestically as we entered the venue with her white bag and white shoes. I was laughing likewise praying within me that all should go well because I knew it was not going to be funny if anything should happen there. She managed to sit down and the party started but as expected, there would be a time that we would have to stand up maybe either to dance or to applaud or for games. That time soon came and we stood up to participate in the game, this popular game of dancing around the chair. She was the first to go while I watched from my seat, as the game was on sat for the first time and the loser was excluded while others continued.

She was about to sit for the second round when her dress ripped, "Jesus!" I shouted from my seat and hurriedly stood up to help her because it was ripped down looking like a scissors was used. I was embarrassed for her and I'm sure she was so embarrassed too because she had been acting like a queen since we got there. Everyone bursted into laughter, I couldn't blame them, it's normal for them to laugh and different comments were passed. Those who saw are walking like Cinderella, all passed negative comments on how gorgeously she was dressed for a birthday party and not a wedding. A woman at the party gave her the headgear to her clothes and that was what she covered herself with as we headed home.

It was indeed an embarrassing moment but I'm glad she learned from it. She promised to listen and take things easy, cutting her coat to her size which is the integrity of any human.

Thanks for your time and your comments will be appreciated.


I can imagine how embarrassing it was for not only her but you as well, I truly don't know why people feel the need to over dress. And even wear something you aren't going to be comfortable in, just in the name of beauty.

I can imagine her mood at that time, so embarrassing

It was

I can imagine how she felt but people like this hardly change except they learn their lesson in the hard way



Thank you

hope we all had a beautiful Valentine's celebration yesterday.

Valentine was yesterday? Oh my bad I didn't remember because I am single.

Oh my... that is was bad, tight dresses get easily torn or opened. I hope she learnt her lesson to wear less tight dresses.

Ooopss single? I don't believe tho. Yes , she does

Of course I am😂

Hmmmm okay ooo

Yes ooo


Lol 😂🤣😂... This is what we call wahala 🤣. She is lucky you were there to stand by her otherwise she would have not had it easy. Hopefully she genuinely learnt her lesson. Thank you for sharing.


Lolz it would have been disastrous. Thanks for reading

Wow if only she had listened to you, she would have avoided the embarrassment. At least she learned her lesson, I hope she kept her promise?

To some extent.

Well, she was the one that put herself in that position. if she had listened to your warnings, she wouldn't have to experience such embarrassment.

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Abioo thanks for reading