In Search of Lost Memories: Childhood Items I Wished Still Existed

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If only I have lots of pictures from my childhood. If only my parents were informed of how pictures taken of their children from when they were born, and how they were growing could be important and also serve as a memory especially to keep them safe without anything damaging it.

I don't know if my parents ever valued those stuff then or that they took them but are destroyed already. I never get to see many of my childhood pictures except for my big sister who was taken away to live with Grandma when she was at age 3. She spent all her years until she finished University with her until she started living alone, and now, travelled abroad to continue her studies.

The last time we were in the village which was last year December, she was checking some pictures from this old album given to her by our late Grandma, she couldn't stop getting excited and would scream for me to look through many of her childhood pictures and how lots of them triggered past events in her life. With each picture, she remembers the event and experiences associated with it. She showed me pictures of our aunts and uncles including my Dad who was very young at that time and a great guitarist.

I looked at those pictures and wished my pictures were taken too. This could have helped me appreciate my life and compare it to now. No, I am not saying I didn't appreciate my life, of course, I do because I wouldn't be here if not for life and God's mercy, but the fact that looking through my old pictures with each explaining different turns in my life as I grew up would be more interesting and, you know, funny. I wished I could go back to the past so I could tell my parents to take pictures of me so I could hold them dear to my heart.

I remembered how I had bumps at the back of my head. It was a disease I had in my childhood and it always sweetened me when scratching it but once my hand leaves, it starts to hurt me. I wished there was a picture taken of that to make me savour in memory and be grateful for life. So also, how my bow legs were. When my uncles are sharing these stories, I wanted pictures to back up their claims, hehehe, but none were taken to serve as memory and reflection today.


My very self 😹

me and my younger sister (I am the one with the white cap)our brother in the middle

1000163161.jpgThis was during Grandpa's funeral over 20 years ago and that's mom and dad, my uncle (dad's younger brother) and the small boy — my brother

The only pictures I have of my childhood which I have shared many times here are these. Well, I am just so happy seeing these available ones and keeping them forever while I would show them to my children.

The childhood items I wished still existed are pictures of each stage of my life, if possible, every time that I clocked a year. Even if there were no phones to take pictures just like we have different models of it today, there were old cameras they used at that time which did not cost much. I bet that could have made more sense today as it would bring all sorts of laughter to see how things were during that time and now.

I see parents now who value such and would take pictures of their children as they reach a certain age and they would keep them intact for when they start to grow up. I won't miss this with my children as I want to capture every moment of their lives and after many years would look at them again while being lucky to be around them as they navigate each developmental stage. This also would make them appreciate time.

Thanks for your time reading. Looking forward to your interaction.


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Hehe, I also don't have many baby pics but when I see the few i have i smile. Not just because i was a very cute baby but also because it makes me appreciate growth. By the way your face didn't change much oo. You've been cute since day 1.

Hahaha. See Bos using style to compliment me 😊
Thank God for growth. Looking at those pictures now makes me smile and appreciate life.

lol, I didn't use any style oo.

Looking at those pictures now makes me smile and appreciate life.

It's nice to know that

You have lots of old pictures to show. Mine was just birthday picture.

Not much as I do wanted though, but I am glad to see have these at hand.

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Haha see little princess Busayo o 😂
So cute, your face didn't change so much and it's same case for me. Anyone can tell me apart in my old pictures without me pointing it out myself.

Looking back to old pictures gives beautiful feelings indeed, wish you had more.

Yes. Those pictures gives this happy mood and feeling. Thank you, Merit.

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