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So I spent the better half of my day on X celebrating this wonderful wonderful woman whom God chose to bless beyond her wildest dreams, and this was as a result of being a genuine loving wife. There is so much to pick from this story, so let's dive in.


Debbi is a young woman who became famous on Twitter for a post she made about waking up early to prepare her husband's meal after he shared that a co-worker shared her lunch with him. He is the breadwinner of the family, and she happens to be a full housewife, but for some strange reason, this post seemed to have sparked outrage for a certain demographic on X/Twitter.

One of her older posts about wanting to get some home appliances was captured by a group of disgruntled people, who felt offended by her post and it was used to cast aspersions on her, unknowingly to them, this turned out to be a breakthrough for the young lady and her family.

Two days later, Debbie (Mummy Zee) was given over 4 million naira, a car, a new house, a high-paying job for her husband, and numerous other gifts and services. In a twinkle of an eye, the trajectory of her family changed. Debbie was able to win the hearts of many Nigerians for just being a loving wife to her hardworking husband q


Debbie's story is a testament to how God can change one's story in a flash. Never in a million years would she have dreamed of such a blessing in early 2024. Just a couple of months ago she was just praying for some home appliances and today she is a millionaire (in naira). This is someone who probably has never had that kind of money in her account at any given time. I can't help but attribute her good fortune to the God she believes in.

While basking in the beauty of her good fortune, I remember how God, in times past, has come through for me and my family, in ways I did not expect. Last year was one of those moments and I have shared this countless times, but it is a testament to God's blessing.

The second lesson I got from Debbie's story is that love is enough. I have told my wife several times that she is enough for me. With her I am willing to go just anywhere, as long as she is with me, I will be fine and I believe Debbie feels the same way about her husband.

From what I have gathered from Debbie's story, it is clear they don't have much but she is content with the life and love she shares with her husband and is willing to go to any length to make him happy and he in return does the same. A match made in heaven

For all the negative publicity marriage has been getting in the media, she was a breath of fresh air. It goes to show that marriage does work and people can aspire to be loved the right way--without so many attachments and bottlenecks. As a lover boy myself, it is great seeing another true believer of love get her flowers.

Lastly, contentment. There is a saying that to desire is to suffer and this is true on so many levels. This woman did not have so much to be happy and I have seen couples with similar backgrounds share this level of love and commitment many people are unable to achieve, why? The answer is simple: there are not too many expectations.

For Debbie, having someone to love and reciprocate the love she gives is enough. She isn't so worried about their financial status. There were instances today where she turned down gifts because they already had the things people were offering even though these gifts were major upgrades. It just goes to show where her mind and heart are at and I love it.

In conclusion, I pray Debbie and her family are pulled out of the trenches forever. I hope they get to live a life most of us dream of for being genuine and sweet people. Cheers!

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That I should always be a good wife, cook early in the morning, feed him and if the Spirit leads, throw a blow job his way, particularly when he's playing videogames.

sounds like a good woman to me....


That’s how God works. He can change your life in an instant. I hope people could wait unto the lord’s time and see how God will work wonders in their life’s.
Congratulations to Debbie, it is indeed her year of abundance.

yeah, patience and God's timing. there is no better combo. One needs to trust the process (in some instances)

That is a very nice and beautiful story. I'm in north america and you know where I stand. Yup you got it ALONE. Men are hated in these parts of the world. I know my wife does have love for me and I have for her, i'm just not needed.

Lol man North American men are suffering in the hands of neo feminists ideologies.

Yup you got it ALONE. Men are hated in these parts of the world. I know my wife does have love for me and I have for her, i'm just not needed.

Yeah i see a lot of hot takes on relatonships via tiktok. Men in the western world are having a hard time. Thankfully you have a partner that love and appreciate you. one cannot ask for more...

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