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$GMRX recently distributed airdrops valued at $200 and more, entirely free of charge, to individuals who simply posted tweets on TWITTER using their hashtag. Engagement farming on Twitter/X has emerged as the latest trend in Web 3, and it's imperative to embrace it swiftly, as it's rapidly becoming oversaturated. In this post, I will highlight four projects you can engage with on Twitter/X using hashtags.


Before delving into airdrop farming on Twitter/X, it's essential to grasp a few key points:

  1. Create an alternative account and wallet: Safeguard your identity and primary Twitter/X account. Engagement farming can result in account bans, and there's a risk of some projects turning out to be scams. You wouldn't want your account associated with fraudulent activity. Additionally, refrain from engaging in any presale activities to avoid wasting time and money.

  2. Upgrade to Twitter/X premium: Enhance your account's visibility, giving you an advantage. Increased visibility translates to more points accrued from tweeting/posting about the projects I'm about to introduce.

  3. Engage in farming activities: Aim to post 10-50 replies with hashtags daily. While this can become tedious, consider investing minimal time and exploring alternative activities. However, if time permits and you have no liquidity concerns, you might consider dedicating more effort. The risk involved is minimal.



Unblocked, a Solana-based project, endeavours to construct the most extensive network of blockchain-based loyalty programs. They boast partnerships with industry giants like Billboard, Pepsi, and RollingStone. Currently, Unblocked presents a LOYALFI quest, allowing participants to earn points, convertible to their token—$LOL—by engaging in trivia, posting about the project on Twitter/X, and referring friends.

Join the quest through this link: Unblocked Quest. Upon reaching the website, register your account and utilize the referral code WYrslaeXqF to instantly earn 250 UCP (points). You'll accumulate UCP/points for every impression, like, comment, and retweet on your Twitter/X post mentioning @onunblocked. Act swiftly, as the quest is concluding soon.


BlockGames, a prominent Web 3 project, has captured attention on Twitter/X. You might have encountered the popular $BLOCK hashtag without comprehending its significance. $BLOCK represents the native token for BlockGames, a cross-chain, cross-game, decentralized player network powered by Universal Player Profiles. Despite a lack of emphasis in their social media campaign, BlockGames offers a dapp where participants can play games and earn points.

Explore more about the project on their website: BlockGames Website. Register your BlockGames account via this link: BlockGames Registration. After registration, engage with the dapp and its games, and create BlockGames-related content on Twitter/X with the $BLOCK tag to accrue points.


Every World, recently launched with backing from Base and Coinbase, aims to develop solutions for social gamers. Although unavailable in the US, the project has garnered significant attention, having raised over $60 million from investors.

Visit Every World to register your account. Utilize referral code eHZZYW for bonus points. Be prepared to undergo KYC procedures; however, if you're uncomfortable sharing personal information, this project may not suit you.


Param, another gaming incentive platform, pledges to revolutionize the gaming industry like most Web 3 gaming platforms. With investment secured from Animoca Brands, Param Labs aims to allocate over half of the Param token's total supply to ecosystem and community incentives.

Join the Param community incentive via this link: Param Community Incentive. Post content on Twitter using the $PARAM hashtag to accumulate points. Additionally, engage with Param-related content to bolster your points.



CARV Protocol, a GameFi project supported by Binance Lab, is poised to become a major player in the GameFi sector of 2024. They're currently running a social media campaign/airdrop.

Sign up on CARV via this link: CARV Sign-up.

That concludes this post. If you found it beneficial, kindly reblog and share. Cheers!

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it's something new for me.. was unaware of this new Meta...

It looks like a good way to make a community and reward em at the same time. I was digging something on X and there's like couple of giveaways every then and now on SOL shitters... That could be rewarding too but competition is tough..

Thanks for the alpha!



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Yea, I noticed this twitter farming recently...I already signed up for Param yesterday...gotta create an alt X account and join this moving train
Thanks for sharing


@nonsowrites! Your Content Is Awesome so I just sent 1 $BBH (Bitcoin Backed Hive) to your account on behalf of @nkemakonam89. (1/5)