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So recently I have been trying to push an appointment to the embassy from January to April, due to my new situation. I have made several attempt to shift the date but to no avail, until today, but then, I could not change the date until I cancel the previous appointment. I thought the whole thing would update automatically but that seems not to be the case.

To frank, I felt defeated. I had so much planned for the month. I was going to do some renovations in my house before my wife finally moves in with me but we have to change things now and I am in the process of redesigning our long term plans. Nevertheless, I got the closure I needed. I have no doubts in my mind now that I need to make the said appointment.

My major takeaway from these recent events is that I should pay close attention to the universe. Everything around me was working against my plans to change the date of this very important appointment but I was not paying attention. This was the case when I was in the ride-share industry. I was trying so hard to do something that wasn't working and it cost me time, money and so many things, even my relationship at some point.

As we all make our elaborate plans for the year, we should also pay close attention to our environment--the things and people around us. They play an important part in determining how well we are able to accomplish our goals. As I have said in the past, we should never be slaves to our goals. Always leave room to changes and make them when necessary.

Alignment also have to do with timing. For instance, (most of) my goals align with everything around me, however, my sense of timing is quite different and this is where I have been making adjustments so I am not caught doing the right thing at the wrong time.


As a Christian, my go-to solution is to pray and seek God's guidance. I understand that things are a lot easier when you align with God and his promises for you. Thus is my prefered option when i am in a difficult situation that is beyond my strength.

Now, for those who do not believe in God or any supreme being, I think your best option is to seek counsel. Find people who are more knowledgeable and share your ideas with them. I do this a lot with my wife. Although she will accuse me of not listening a lot, but her opinion is really important to me and it gives me a fresh pair of eyes, which enables me see things from a border perspective.

So i hope you found this useful. Cheers!




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Timing is really important. I usually pray for god’s direction in all the things I do, even the smallest things.
Thanks for sharing this beautiful post.

Timing is really important. I usually pray for god’s direction in all the things I do, even the smallest things.

Yeah... when you are working according to God's timing, everything seems easy, and I plan on working with his timing for myself. I am not in a rush to anywhere.

Thanks for sharing this beautiful post.

Thanks for stopping by

This topic is no small one. The universe has a plan for us and we can only enjoy it once we align our life and plans according to the universe. One key is to grow your spiritual life.

Yeah. I am doing my best to connect to that side of me that's not physical. As you said, it makes life a lot easier. Thanks for stopping by...