Running between two lights

in #hive-1072752 months ago

We haven't implemented winter time around here yet, so lately I go running when it's still dark and come home in the daytime.
The transition between day and night happens at the same time as my run lasts, isn't it fantastic?

Today we've lengthened my traditional hill run a bit, adding a couple more km and some core work that I've done at a halfway stop.
I feel that my body is reacting well to training, Sunday's run, which was smooth but long, has not affected my legs, but it has revitalized my lungs, which now flow effortlessly.
I still have a pretty low cadence which I have to improve in the near future, everything will work out in the end if I manage to stay safe from any major injuries and these usually come when you start to load the legs touching other training intensities.

I planned to do another short run tomorrow and on Thursday some quality training, possibly on the athletics track, we'll see.

Keep on running!



Yay! 🤗
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