Morning pleasure run

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We continue adding km also in the morning even if to give a little "quality" exercise to the dog that also deserves some activity beyond a quiet walk through the streets.
For me it has been like a "Recovery Run" from yesterday's training which was somewhat harder so the goal has only been, to run quietly for pleasure to relax tensions, and gain some aerobic capacity.
Our main destination has been the Doggy Park in the neighborhood next to ours to change the routine a bit and see new faces too.

We arrived at 7:25 AM, I let the dog socialize among his own kind for 15 minutes and we continued our run back home.

This week I have increased the number of km run a little, I have a little more than 25km in 4 running activities... it would be great to be able to do a fifth activity a little longer this weekend but I think family obligations are going to make it difficult, we'll see...

Keep on running!



is that Ms. Crypto Running Wife in the picture ? :)


well, then your "secret" is safe with me :P

Yes such activities are way better than walking in crowded streets