Feathered Friends - Show Me A Photo Contest Round 134

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Hello Feathered Friends Lovers,

Welcome to #SMaP Show Me A Photo Contest Round 134!

I was browsing my photos and thinking what theme to choose for the new round. I came across some photos I took recently of pigeons who were fighting to get to the water in a hot sumer day. The spread wings got me thinking that we haven't got this prompt for a long time - WINGS. And here we go, I would like to see you pictures of wings and it is not necessary to be exactly like my example. You may have birds on flight or the wings can be folded... there are numerous choices.





Here are more examples



Now is your turn and let me see your photos of birds, but first read carefully the rules below⬇️


Show me your photo of a bird, following these rules:

  • The photo must be your own.
  • Post in the community Feathered Friends
  • You may add more photos, but you should state which one is your entry, otherwise the first will be taken into account.
  • Tell us something about your photo/s.
  • Your photo must follow the weekly theme.
  • Please put the link of your entry in the comment section of the contest post here.
  • Put in the title of your post that this is an entry for the contest. (Optional)
  • Use #smap as a tag.

Last, but not least - have fun!

If you create quality post with more images and interesting story about them, making extra effort can give you bigger upvotes and attract curators. Keep that in mind.



Five winners and each winner will receive 2 Hive and 500 Ecency POINTS, thanks to Feathered Friend community and @barbara-orenya.

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Thank you for viewing.


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I have no doubt about the results of your camera shots 😁

Thank you kindly. 🙂

hi how smart you are perfectly catch the positions nice photos Neli. :)

Thank you very much!
Shall I see your entry with wings?🙂

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Oh interesting. I have some lovely photos from this weekend but not of action wings. Does that count?


Oh, yes, it counts.
No need to be action photo.
Adorable hoopoe 🙂

As adorable as that hoopoe was I decided to go with the pretty pink flamingo instead. And here's my entry


Thank you so much, off to see the flamingo. 🙂

Welcome back, so nice to see your entry! 🙂

Thank you @nelinoeva. 😊

A good image capture of a bird with quite attractive colors.

Wonderful! Thank you very much for your entry! 🙂

So nice to see your entry!🙂

Back with an entry thanks Neli. Swiftly Spread Wings Take Flight

Thank you very much, Joan! It is always a pleasure to see your entry. 🙂

How I wish to have wings. 🙂

Thank you very much, @hindavi! 🙂

My pleasure. :)

Thank you so much! Off to see your post. 🙂

Gliding around on wings must be thrilling, fighting for space at water flapping around not so polite nor graceful. Nice captures with wing span fully extended.


There is always some drama over the water. 😀
Among the regular visitors one can see crows, jackdaws, seagulls and sparrows.

I placed my water fountain in the wrong spot for photography, it offers birds privacy !LOLZ

Everybody needs privacy in the bathroom.

For sure... No peeping toms.

Why did the art thief's vehicle run out of fuel?
He had no Monet to buy Degas to make the Van Gogh

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