Birds eye comparison of centralized vs decentralized social media

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Social media is not my thing. When Facebook came out, it creeped me and I decided to skip it and did. I joined Twitter early, but never got into it much. I set up my personal Twitter account in 2009 and I've posted exactly one time. Using my @crrdlx Twitter, I engage a bit, thanks mostly to POSH and another Hive project (now defunct). The Hive outreach possibility is a large, ripe field and is undeniable...people gotta be learned. I did enjoy and gained a lot from reddit, particularly r/bitcoin years back, but it got a bit strange. I shied away.

And, then I found Hive. For me, joining the social side of Hive has been slow. It cuts against my innate grain. But, I've learned meaningful engagement is likely the number one component for "success" here, however that may be defined. And, somehow, it felt okay to join in...definitely not Facebook creepy.


The real reason I'm writing here is not my social media history, it's birds.

Early this week my wife and I were in Apalachicola, FL on a getaway. There was a mulberry tree with many ripe berries (not many trees were yet ripe). We love mulberries and planned to pick a few when convenient.

The next morning, a flock of birds were having a free for all feasting on the berries. I walked over, looked them over, didn't recognize the bird. I figured I'd go back for a camera, take a photo, then ask others. Upon my return one minute later, every bird and every ripe berry was gone. Are you serious?

Reddit has a great r/whatsthisbird subreddit. People there know their birds. I made this post there. Some replies came in. And, this is where my comparison comes into play.

Drawn by me using good ol' pen and paper.

D vs C social media

With Hive, I've gotten accustomed to Decentralized social media, and have forgotten about the Centralized like reddit. I got a few upvotes there and then realized...oh, they're really not worth anything. My upvote back is also worth nothing. I guess it helps build reputation (not like Hive"s reputation system), but unofficially. It reminded me...while on reddit, I'm working for them. I created content for them. I generaed engagement for them. I gave them something others might talk about and share and grow their platform. They now own and control it. So different there versus here.


I still wish I knew who those little berry thieves are.

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Mystery Bird? - Waxwings are well known for stripping berries off bushes/trees in winter


I think that just might be the culprit. Seems a bit colorful than what I saw, but I was looking up at their underbelly mostly. Thanks.

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I had a similar experience with a cherry tree in our back yard last year. I don't remember the kind of birds (not really in to that) but all of a sudden there was this loud noise coming from outside and all these birds where wracking hammock on the tree. I was baffled for a few seconds by the sound and sight and my cat was totally confused, robbing on the floor like a soldier with its belly pressed against it.
Cat was slowly working its way outside and when the birds spotted it they all went up into that giant cloud of a flock never to be seen again.
the cherries were all gone.

Aviary thievery.