Feathered friends- Show me a photo contest round 111

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Good day feathered friends community!

I came across this post upon opening my peakd account and I saw my favorite number 111 and I was so happy because the theme is about bird houses. I thought I have to join. Thank you @nelinoeva for this wonderful theme and for hosting this #featheredfriends community.



So I wish to share to you our bird house. Well our bird house is not your ordinary bird house because it's so big it can already be a house for people.
My husband raises pigeons and an avid pigeon racer. Since his pigeons are always champions he built a beautiful house for them, well it is more like a hotel for birds if you ask me. It is a two-storey structure all made from steel. He designed this himself and had this constructed and welded last 2016.
I guess that's why are pigeons always wants to go home fast when they are on a race because they are so proud of their lovely house which they call their Home.🏘️🛖

Thank you for dropping by.
See you on my next posts. Have a great day everyone!🤗


It's the best bird house to live in, just like the human house. Thanks for your sharing.have a nice day ahead.

Thank you dear @ahleap. Yes this can be a home already, a loft home but probably when hubby will grow tired of raising pigeons I will convert it into a loft house for guests😍😍
Thanks for the support ah e a great week ahead.

Wow sis @aideleijoie ang laki nga. Kasya talaga mga tao. Lucky pigeons you have there!

Hello beautiful, haha, oo sis cute nga gawing loft house pag hindi na magkakalapati si hubby😍😍
Thank you sis sa support, always!😘🥰 Enjoy your day, mukhang break na ninyo. Enjoy your hiking adventuress. Hopefully wlaa ng ulan ngayon dyan.

Lagi nga cancel sis at naguulan nakakainis. hehehe. Ikaw din I have seen your post being out and about. Enjoy ka dian dian.


Impressive what your husband has built.
I hope you will share some photos of the pigeons later on. 🙂

Hello @nelinoeva thank you for accepting my entry.... Yes I will definitely share our pigeons.
Have a wonderful week and good luck on the many wonderful entries to choose from this week.😍🥰

My dog would fit in there, sis! hehe

Haha, ay oo sis si Sophia naba yon sis yong iyong cute na aspin!😍


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Good luck, friend! That's a spacious and cozy birdhouse!🤠❤️👍

Your hubby is one talented guy. It always amazes me how pigeons can get to where they need to go and then get back home. What a really cool hobby, raising pigeons for racing.

Thank you @thebigsweed for those kind remarks. Yes I am one lucky woman for having a great man beside me. Just makes me so proud that whatever he does he makes sure he does it very well.
Yah, me too i am overwhelmed by their gift of knowing how to come home even if they have never been to those places like hundreds of miles away from us but they still manage to come home and even better being the overall champion 🏆 out of 1,000 plus contenders.🥰😇

That's amazing, champion out of 1000 contenders. I never realized racing pigeons was such a big thing. the whole process sounds like loads of fun.

Yes, it is a big thing in other countries like Taiwan overnight you can be a millionaire because when they have their race it's really by ten thousands of birds vying for the million.
Here at my city my husband has been the seventh time overall champion plus other winnings always on the top ten. His biggest winnings for one race was around $2,300 that was 2015 I guess. 2016 he won as back to back champion on the summer and winter race.... So it is indeed loads of fun and lots of work as well. You just have to love your pigeons and they will inturn love you back more as well.😍😍