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In the 80s, while working in the Performance Group of NB Power Plant Generation Division, I, @fjworld was fortunate to learn a great deal about heat energy transfer. Not just the hot air from some heated conversations. Some people can be very defensive of their own understanding to a point that they may not be able to change or evolve their thinking. At #PEPT, our Learn Before You Earn philosophy helps us consider all possibilities and probabilities for a desired energetic and profitable online lifestyle.

Understandably. we think of energy as useful energy. However, some energy is best defined as unavailable energy, as in entropy. But what if we could make it available, hmm. The following video will give you a good understanding of entropy.

You do not need to watch the video nor understand entropy to benefit from a PEPT Digital Wealth Building Strategy. You just have to buy and hold some pepEntropy and you will receive some Return Of Capital(ROC) every month, paid in SWAP.HIVE

For now, lets build on the analogy of extracting value from stranded digital asset. By having a better understanding of the chaos in a system, we can tap into the probability aspect that often determines the unbelievable returns and losses in a hold, transfer, a trade, a transaction, etc.

From the perspective of Project ePayTraffic (PEPT), being on a journey of generating income streams from the movement of internet traffic, it is not a difficult leap to understand how a token trading strategy could provide an ongoing income stream from undervalued layer 2 tokens. Well, not just tokens but coins, fiat money, gold, currency, anything and everything that connects via some form of energy transfer.

From the video,

Energy is most usable when it is concentrated and less usable when it's spread out.

If you are able to measure the energy that is spread out, that would be the Entropy portion. To continue with our pepEntropy analogy, this would be the summation of all the forgotten and devalued tokens plus all the dead wallet holdings, the bot wallets, the micro earnings in the Hive system and much more. Lots of losses and stranded value. When you add it all up you start to think about a pepEntropy system.

The #pepEntropy Energy System

Capital Gain/(Loss)Not complicated. Buy low, sell high. Right? Actually there is a lot of complexities that determine the current value of a token. The pepEntropy account does a lot of trading. The trades provide gains as well as losses. How FJ is able to generate consistent net gains will never be totally revealed. However, much transparency is provided to build a trusting relationship. After all, we are on a blockchain so all transactions are visible to the public.
Return Of Capital (ROC)While executing many activities in a Qualitative Investment Strategy, a portion of the trading profits is accumulated and allocated for distribution to token holders. The goal is to continue increasing the ROC month to month and build a reserve to offset future months that did not return sufficient capital gain.
Income StreamsIn the process of trading, some digital assets are obtained at extremely low prices and sometimes these assets offer dividend, interest or some kind of return to token holders. Just like pepEntropy offers ROC. For example, our pepEntropy account receives SIM Holding Rewards that have been increasing everyday since May 2/24. It started at 0.002 Hive and currently it is 0.04 Hive and the plan is to continue accumulating some SIM from dCity.

The above can be looked upon as the internal energy system. While FJ does some trading magic, he also believes in having a Risk Management Plan (RMP) and following some business best practices. For example, completing necessary transfers between all PEPT accounts, including the pepEntropy wallet. Additionally, the fjworld wallet is used to move funds to/from Hive and Web2 platforms.

Well, time to move some usable energy around so your comments and questions are welcomed.

I encourage everyone to consider taking a position in pepEntropy to help in growing some digital wealth for you and our PEPT community. Your contribution will leverage returns for all holders, including you.

Sending #LUV and Positive pepEntropy to all. #LOLZ


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