My Challenges With Live Streaming

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BTW Live Streaming Is The Best Thing I Can Do For My Business

Full disclosure live streaming is hard both from a creative and nail-biting stress point of view. If you use an avatar for your online profile picture on all platforms then live streaming may not be for you. Unless you are willing to do anything for success.

The goal is to get people to know like and trust you as fast as possible. Doing this you have to really put yourself out there, when you use an avatar it is going to make it much more difficult for people to get to know like, and trust you. In fact, just using a picture on all of your articles and sales materials banners emails you send out also makes it difficult for people to get to know I can trust you.

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Video Trumps All

I find when I use video over static images my results are always so much better. Why don’t I use video in everything right now? Simply I learned this lesson late. When I say late I’m talking maybe a week ago seriously that is when it becomes a fact. (For me)

When you ask a very experienced marketer what is better a profile pic or video they smile slightly and say split test it. No, they are not being jerks but split testing is the best way for the ever-recurring question of which is better A or B?

My Goal Going Forward

Going forward I will use video in all of my online sales materials. This will be a bit challenging at first but it will be well worth the effort. I have been creating content on Hive and I have noticed that my live streams and replays earn more than my articles with static images.

I have been taking the lessons I learn in the various Hive communities and applying them to my marketing activities, and the video lesson is the latest in a long line of Hive lessons on proper online business etiquette.

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Live Streaming is Only ½ The Equation

The other half is consistency. We all have different levels of availability, so be very conservative in the beginning with your time. If you think you can do 4 a week start out with one a week and another stream after two weeks of successful streams.

I almost burned out before I got started. I looked at a very successful Business Owner, Marketer, and Hive Member, and tried to mimic their live stream schedule. This was a huge mistake. This person spent the last 20 years marketing and live streaming. For them, it is just like breathing.

This is My Streaming Schedule

3 times a week Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, at 5 pm edt. I stream Splinterlands, share my struggle of climbing that league ladder, and give away cards after the daily quest is completed.

4 times a week Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays at 9 pm edt I stream online business struggles, successes, and how-to(s) Currently been talking a lot about email marketing and using platforms like ListNerds, CTP, LEadsLeap, and TrafficLeads2Income to increase my daily income.

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Thank you so very much!!

If You Have any Questions this is my contact info:
Discord: mba2020#9194

Telegram: chriss70 and Alpha Team Channel Click Me to Goto My Alpha Team Telegram

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Fantastic work. Thats a busy streaming schedule Chris!

Mimicking other, I don't see that as a mistake, the good thing is that you continue on that for a while or more before you were able to balance the timing. right now if I mimick your stream schedule I will let others be alert that one more stream is happening after this one and with time others that stick around longer will get to know my official time.
it's just like the name "Best start"


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Sounds good going all video. It is easier than reading a post, lol

You weren't mimicking you were trying to model your mentor. Yeah, if you're not used to doing video and try going from 0 to 60 in too short of time you will burn out before you get started.
You're pretty much knocking the consistency out of the park.
You mention putting video on all of your marketing materials. Are you talking about your splash/squeeze pages and your posts?

I haven't done any live streaming yet. I don't have anyone to listen yet. Thanks for sharing on ListNerds.