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Yesterday, I decided to change my routine of interacting with all the projects on my airdrop spreadsheet. It has become apparent that I cannot keep up because the list grows daily. There are over 50 projects on that list and some interactions take hours to complete.

Another reason why I decided to segment my activities is because I want to give these projects more time and attention. Aside from doing the required tasks, I want to be able to check on the status of the projects. It has come to my attention that a lot happens on Discord that I tend to overlook.

For instance, I have been farming a gaming project called Gomble. My interactions are quite simple: I play the game for about 30 minutes daily and claim points on their site. However, I discovered today that I needed to share my games on Discord to gain a role. Imagine doing all the supposed tasks and interactions and not getting airdropped because I failed to check Discord.

If you are going to be an efficient airdrop farmer you need to pay attention to details and source for information yourself (DYOR). You cannot depend on airdrop influencers or groups for all the alpha. Most times they leave out the important bit. Their role is to bring to your notice important information, the other part of securing the airdrop falls into your hand.

Also, remember that you can be in the airdrop space for a long time and earn nothing. This is because you do not follow through or go over the bare minimum. In our yesterday, a guy mentioned he has been airdrop farming for 2 years and had got nothing. It was obvious he was doing something wrong because everyone in that group had gotten multiple airdrops this year.

So the message in this post is very simple: do your due diligence and go over the minimum that is required to succeed in anything you do. It is not a thing of effort but one of strategy. Be strategic about how you spend your time. I actively farm airdrops every day and still make time to create content. Previously I made the excuse that I could not manage both but I was only making excuses for myself, but that was untrue.

There is time to do the important things. It would help if you were methodic and consistent. Also, never get lost in the motion of things. Your goal is to get results. I understand the importance of process but it should never overwrite results.

That will be all for now. Cheers!

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